Saturday, July 4, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

GS's sister came into town on Thursday for the weekend. This is the sister that I saw when I went to Oklahoma, and if I had gotten around to reading "Dummies Guide to Blogging" I would know how to link to that entry, but I didn' I can' you'll just have to trust me on this one.

We decided to go to an Anaheim Angels game last night. It was something that all seven of us could do together. It was a really fun evening. The only drawback was that we had to drive on two, I tell you TWO "three digit concrete paths to hell" to get there...over two hours worth, and you know how much I LOVE that

...not so much.

And again if I would have read my book, I would have been able to link to that entry...but again I didn' I can' you'll just have to trust me on this one, as well.

However, I need to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to those of you riding in my car, to those of you riding in the other car to which I was being broadcast over the blue tooth, those fellow travelers of the 5 freeway south, and to the people I was battling to get out of the crazy, overcrowded parking lot... I just get out of my mind with grouchiness and nastiness when I have to drive in traffic...I know it is a fault...I will try to work on it, though it might take some shock therapy to break through my extreme case of road rage...

...again I am so very sorry.

We got their kind of early so that we could avoid traffic...

...note to self avoiding traffic in Los Angeles is like winning the wish, you hope, you get disappointed...

So we went to eat an early dinner at Denny's before heading to the ballpark.
GS and his daughter at Denny's she has such a beautiful smile.

It was a beautiful evening...really perfect. We had good seats:
Everyone had a great time at the gameAndrew keeping score...well actually he is pretending to keep score...I forced him to pose...he hates pictures...I think I promised him frozen lemonade if he would play nice...gotta love teenagers!!!
GS explaining the details of the great game of baseball.
My Bella watching intently to see which pitch the pitcher will ball, slider, or knuckle ball...oh wait...that isn't what she is doing at all...she is deciding which hairstyle to give her client while playing Sally Salon on her DS...

...well at least she is happy.

I must tell you that sappy old me can't even get through a ballgame without shedding a few tears. The guy that sang the national anthem was AMAZING...and being a singer myself I am over critical of national anthem singers...c' know most are really bad...Anyway he was really good and to top it off they had two big army helicopters do a fly over afterwards and it was breathtaking...and I welled up a bit.

And one of the Angel's pitchers died last year at the hands of a drunk driver. There was this memorial out front and it caused me to well up too.Everyone had a good time...Even Bella put down the DS long enough to eat some cotton candy with Aunt Sue...

More Later

-A Ro

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