Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taking a Break

Our school is on spring break.  We are unusual in that we get two weeks of spring break.  I really look forward to these two weeks off, and yet I have come to the conclusion that me and time off just don't agree.  Here are some problems that I have come across.  First of all I have a hard time just relaxing.  It is a bit of culture shock.  When I am in school it is go go go and then all of the sudden the breaks are put on and I don't have to go go go at all.  So I say to myself that I am going to relax and enjoy my time off, but at the same time I really don't want to waste a minute of this much needed break.  So, I get a new book on my kindle, get all of my scrapbooking in order, and Bella makes her "what I want to do over spring break" list.  It consists of 1. Get our nails done (I can't remember the last time I had a manicure) 2.  Invite a friend over (well this is especially difficult since most of her friends are not faculty kids and end up traveling extensively over this break) 3. Watch Lady and the Tramp (OK I can handle that) 4.  Make fondant cupcakes (easy)  5. Catch up on our tivo'd Modern Family (great)

Where does she come up with these things?  She also decided today to get out her water colors and paint.  We have these bushes in the front of our house that have these beautiful purple flowers on them.  My favorite moment of the day was watching her through the window walk around these bushes trying to pick the perfect flowers for her painting.  I swear she took more time choosing the flowers than painting the picture.  It was great watching her artistic mind work.

Here is the final product:

The only thing we have done on her list so far is catch up on our Modern Family episodes, and that happened today.  I have to share a favorite moment that just cracks me up...the manshake.

Today was a typical day off.  Nothing scheduled to do and I had a hard time.  So what I actually did is the first time and my though process is the part in italics.

1.  I woke up and exercised.  I have promised myself that I will at least stick with my exercise routine this break. Why the heck am I getting up to exercise...I am on spring break for goodness sake.

2.  The kids were with their dad so I made myself some coffee and breakfast and went upstairs to watch the Today show and wait for the kids to get home.  I got a lot of computer stuff done and enjoyed my morning.
I really should be doing something constructive with this time...not messing around on computer and gasp...watching TV.

3.  The kids got home around 11:00 and I went to do a few errands which ended up with me at Target buying hot rollers.  Now in all honest I think the last time I bought hot rollers was when I was in high school and I desperately wanted that dang blasted feathered look and hot rolling my hair was the best I could do, but I got my hair cut yesterday and my hairdresser uses hot rollers and her hair as a lot like mine so I decided to give it a try.  Don't worry I am no longer going for that feathered look.  OK no lollygagging make a list and make sure that you get all of your errands done so you only have to go out once.  And no Starbucks...what you think that just because you are on break you get to have Starbucks just because.

4.  Came home ate lunch and scrapbooked for a bit.  This was OK because scrapbooking was on my spring break to do list.

5.  Took a nap. OK this is where it gets bad.  The angel on my shoulder is telling me "it is spring break you can take a nap if you want to"  the devil is telling me "you lazy bum you should be cleaning out the garage"  I ultimately feel guilty because taking a nap is wasting away my day but I took one anyway...HA

I just don't do well with breaks.

I think I just need more practice...

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. You DEFINITELY need more practice :) I never have a problem wasting time - it's my favorite thing to do (she says while eating salad at her desk at work avoiding all the actual work she has to do).