Monday, November 12, 2012

A lot of Pictures to Catch Up on Things 'Round These Parts

Wow, after my concert week, tech week for Cinderella, and the performances of Cinderella this gal needed this three day weekend, courtesy of our hard working veterans.  On Friday I asked my Sixth Graders if they had a veteran in their family, it was surprising to me that many of them did.  Now it seems in my generation we had a lot of veterans as fathers and grandfathers.  All of my Grandfathers were veterans, my Dad was, and my husband is.  It seems that there are fewer in this generation and especially at a private school, but we had quite a few and we had a nice discussion.

But I was so thankful for a three day weekend.  We seemed to fill it up but there was a lot of down time.  My kids were with their dad so that freed up quite a bit of running around.  It was also nice because Rich and I had some much needed us time.  We went to dinner Friday night and then went home and watched To Kill a Mockingbird with Sarah.  They both read the book because Sarah had to read it for English.  It had been quite awhile since I had read it.  It was a good movie, I just love Scout.  Saturday was a trip to breakfast and the Farmer's Market with Rich.  Then off to Andrew's baseball game and then Sarah had a marching band competition.  Man was it cold and windy.  I felt like an Iowa girl in my hat, mittens, and three layers of sweatshirts.  Sunday was cleaning and errands and today Bella and I made cake pops for her homeroom advisory class.


OK as the title suggests I have quite a few pictures to show you.  These date back to mid October...yikes.

I have been baking cookies quite a are a few of the ones I have been doing.

Halloween Frankensteins and Spider Webs

Dia de los muertos cookies for Bella's party

My friend and colleague had a baby shower and I made these.

I am getting hooked on decorating cookies.  So much fun.

I had my concert

Here is a video Rich shot with his phone (so the audio isn't all that great),  it is our second selection from the concert and a lot of me talking.  I realize that my mom might just be the only one who watches it all the way through...that's OK. If it even works.

We had Homecoming.

My seniors sing the National Anthem every year.  Here they are and I can tell you that I have watched all of them grow and change (two of them since 3rd grade and one since 4th)  I love them all dearly.  Especially the one to my right...sigh

Here are a few from Halloween:

My cute piggie and band nerd.  We went over to my friend Vicki's house (her daughter Hannah and Bella have been best friends since Kindergarten).  They live real close and have a fun potluck dinner with friends and family.  It was fun to trick or treat with a big bunch.

Then there was our big Cinderella production.

Steps to making an Ugly Stepsister
1.  Sponge roll the hair and sleep on it (it makes a grouchy step sister too)

 2.  Unroll and have many many curls.
 3.  Have Miss Humbert tease and tease and spray and spray (also makes a grouchy step sister)
 4.  This is what you get.  Bella turns into Portia.

5.  Take a picture with your mama.

 Well that pretty much catches you all up on the goings on around here. 

The next few weeks will just fly by.  I really hope I catch a few more weekends like this one.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. You're doing an awesome job with those cookies! I wish I had that talent! :)
    Sounds like you've been busy...hope you get some "down time"!

  2. Those cookies look fabulous - yum! I'm still going with there's nothing ugly about Bella - ha!