Monday, May 7, 2012

Videos to Brighten Your Day

These are the kind of weekends I love.  A little work, a little family time, and some baseball.

Yeah...pretty perfect.

Friday afternoon Andrew had a baseball game and I just love afternoon baseball games.  It was at our "home" field so we packed the stands.  We don't really have a field on our campus so we use another high schools field so our "home" field isn't really near our school, but it is a place I am familiar with so I don't mind the drive.  

They won their game and Andrew played great.  Good news.

Rich, Bella and I went together so on the way home we stopped for Subway for the rest of the family and I worked on dinner plans for the month.  

Speaking of dinner here is a shout out to some things I love:

1.  Cooking Light magazine and corresponding Kindle version.  Love this magazine love the fact that I can access it on my Kindle.

2.  It is a recipe storing and grocery list compiling site.  I can import recipes from a lot of websites.  My usual is  as it has a lot of my cooking light recipes already there.  I can then plan menus send those menus to a grocery list and then go to the store with my Kindle and shop. The address is If I were Pioneer Woman I would be able to download or upload or whatever pictures from the actual ap/website.

Clearly I am not Pioneer Woman.

But check it out anyway.

3.  Two books that have really changed the way that I eat and prepare meals are


Both by Michael Pollan and really have done wonders for me as a person wanting to live for 100 years.

Speaking of 100 Years my choir performed at our schools benefit on Saturday night and we got to sing with John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting.  He is a parent at our school and I am telling you, the nicest celeb I have ever worked with.  He came into a rehearsal and worked on the song with the kids and really was wonderful with them.  Telling them he was classically trained and make sure you do your warm ups and learn the basics.  He also answered questions for a good chunk of time.  If you haven't heard of his stuff you MUST go right now and itunes or youtube him.  He is amazing.

Crappy picture from my phone, but so cool.  I love my job!!

I have some REALLY cool videos I took from my phone of Bella playing Volleyball and Sarah and Bella being silly girly girls.  But here is the problem.  I can't figure out how to get them from my phone to my blog. I signed up for Google+ because they said (and I really can't say who "they" is) that Google+ can automatically send it.  It did...but only one...and only after Rich took my phone before I roof tested it and messed around.  However, he can't remember how he did it, and the obvious way isn't working.

So here is the one...and really only my mom will appreciate it because it is of Bella serving at her Volleyball game.  I promise I will try to figure out how to do the other two later.

Hopefully later isn't never.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Aw your one video isn't working - darn! I really really need to eat healthier. Sigh. I like that you have celeb parents in your midst :)

  2. I've have Michael Pollan's Food Rules. I think it's a great book!

  3. yeah...can't seem to get any videos to work these days...sigh