Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Last First Day for One

It is very bittersweet.

Andrew's last first day of school, I was a little teary I must admit.

It seemed like only yesterday that he was my Jeff Gordon toteing Kindergartener...sigh.
Bella is rip raren to go to her first day of Seventh Grade, and Andrew is also a bit excited to be a senior and all that entails.

Here are some pictures:
Um...when did she get almost as tall as me??
I think we all look a little sleepy but we are all ready to start our first day.

It's the last day this year that is really going to get me.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Love the photos. Your children are so good looking!!!!

  2. Well you've obviously got his first day scrapbooked so kudos : )