Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Loveable (and frugal) Senior

It isn't enough that you have to deal with the imminent doom of having your baby boy kid go off to college.  No, you also have to deal with all the costs associated with his senior year and having your boo boo kid go off to college.

The first of such expense is the senior picture. 

Now last summer my ex called me and told me that he called around to various photographers and that it would cost between $300 and $400 for his senior pictures.


But what is a mom of a just yesterday a toddler senior supposed to do.  I told him to book an appointment.

Well thankfully I have Andrew for a son.  He put his foot down and refused to pose for a picture that would cost so much money.  (I no longer complain about my son not wanting to be in pictures).  He told me that I could just take my digital camera outside and snap a few shots.  Ironically (I think) my sister-in-law is a professional photographer and we always go home in August but this year Andrew didn't go with us. 


We contemplated flying Andrew back to Iowa in October to have her take his picture, as it would have been cheaper.  Then Andrew told us that his friend Jordan had a really nice camera and he would take Andrew to a park and snap a few shots.  So Andrew put on his $3.00 thrift store shirt, his jeans he has had for many years, and trotted off to the park with his friends Jordan and Jamo.  They took about 50 shots.

This was the first one they took...and the one we chose.

We also liked these two:
These are my personal favorites!!

I love these boys.

So recapping:

A friend who takes pictures - free
A thrift store shirt - $3.00 (which he paid for himself)
One expense taken care of - priceless

If any of my family wants any of these please text or call me and let me know which ones and what sizes I am going to place a Shutterfly order soon.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Enjoy this year-it is bittersweet for sure.

  2. The pictures are wonderful and he is so handsome!

  3. Those are great pictures! I like the outtakes best - it's fun to see their personalities :)

  4. My nephew's wife took MS' senior pictures, and I'm waiting for YS' hair to go back to his natural color, then he'll have his taken by her, too. For OS, I had him go to Target (it was the same company) for some cap & gown pictures. It's ridiculous how expensive those pictures are!