Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anatomy of a Six Mile Run

Well today was the day that I was scheduled to run 6 miles...and I DID IT!!!! I ran 6 miles...outside...I still can't believe it. So in honor of my 6 mile run I decided to walk you through it...or should I you through it...get it...get it...OK enough.

ANYWAY...So the things in italics are my thoughts...of course I didn't say anything out loud...

I hope...

First my running play is on random and usually I just let it go...

1. Elevation - this song...great to run to.
2. 4 Minutes - Justin Timberlake and Madonna
3. Closer - Nine Inch Nails...I skipped this song...too many bad words.
4. It's Not Over - Daughtry...skipped this song too...tired of it.
5. Butterflies and Hurricanes - of my students did this song for his CD project and I love it a real hard driving song.
6. Check On It - Beyonce...great running song.
7. Only - Nine Inch Nails...skipped this one too...geez what is it with NIN...
8. Crashed - Daughtry...let it play...this song and I go way back.
9. Wind it Up - Gwen Stefani...
10. Vehicle - Bo Bice...long lost American Idol winner but this song is so...GROOVY
11. Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5
12. Somebody Like You - Keith Urban...just a great happy good to be alive song
13. Love Machine - Oh Yeah...
14. All My Life - Foo Fighters...good beat...strong rhythms
15. What About Now - Daughtry..skipped...I could only handle one Daughtry song.
16. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Sefani...good beat
17. Hey Ya - Outkast...I think I might have sang outloud for this one.
18. Don't Stop - Michael Jackson...needed this title about this time...good call, random
19. The Bird - Morris Day and the Time...remember the movie Purple Rain...good song.
20. Switch - Will Smith...another good song
21. Black Suits Comin' - another Will Smith song

Two Will Smith songs to end the run...lucky me.

The whole run took 1:05...I know kinda slow but...I DID IT!!!

Here goes:
Laced shoes, stretched, started heart rate monitor, started i-pod...and took off...not too fast but not too slow just a good pace.

The first mile
- ok legs feelin a little like a lead posts...I'm sure that they will loosen up...they always do. A little chilly...glad I have my sweatshirt on...boy what a sunshiny beautiful day. ok here comes a slight hill...deep breath and get up it. Phew...that is done

OH MY GOSH IT'S HOT...why did I wear a sweatshirt. I really love this sweatshirt...if I just leave it in someone's driveway will I regret it later? Maybe I can just tie it around my that would drive me crazy...hey in a little bit I'll pass a fence post that I will pass again at the end of my run...I'll just leave it there and pick it up on the way back...WOW great idea. Geez do people really run their sprinklers at 8:30 in the morning. Do they realize that the sun will just burn their grass? OK another slight goes.

Geez...a Daughtry song...alright already...gotta skip it. OOOH a Muse song and a long one...this should be good...

Ok gotta lose the sweatshirt...not much breeze today...I'm gonna overheat if I keep it on. Ok downhill a little and then the fence post. Can I throw it over the fencepost without a) stopping or b) it going completely over the fence....Ok here good toss...perfect. I wonder if it will be there when I finish.

No lie I thought about the fencepost and my sweatshirt the entire last 1/2 joke...I know I need to call my therapist.

The second mile -
this one of the longest stretch of the run a completely straight long street big deep breath here goes. ooh I love this song (Check on It) Rosie Perez on the David Letterman show told a story about how she was on the treadmill and started dancing to this song and she fell off the treadmill and twisted her ankle...ha ha funny story...

wow what a beautiful day look at the mountains and the sun is shining this run feels good...oh no my nose is running...I can't sniff fast enough...Ok I am going to have to wipe my nose on my shirt...ok here goes...I hope no one is watching. Wow that is gross...I can't believe I just wiped my nose on my shirt...what am I two?? No... gosh darn it I am a runner...I could have just done a farmer blow (you know blow your nose out on the ground) no I can't do that my ex step dad used to do that and it totally grossed me out...nope shirt it is.

uh oh here comes the first light I am going to have to cross the busy I going to get a green light? am I going to have to stop? am I going to have to do that weird little running standing still thing...oh it comes...geez gotta stop...should I do jumping jacks or run in place...I look stupid...geez there goes my nose again.

The third mile -
phew made it across the street and turned the is a nice short street...oh my gosh that is that a headwind??? Geez it is like I am running up hill...oh look there is Jo Anns...I need about a hundred things in there...what is that smell?? Must be the Mission Burrito...geez I have never eaten there before...
I wonder if it is good.

"I'm your vehicle baby...I'll take you anywhere you want to go...I love ya, need ya, got to want to have your child" that what he really says got to want to have your child??? that doesn't make any sense... I'll have to look it up when I get home.

I wonder if GS is on his way to the gym yet...maybe he'll drive by and give me a honk...I hope not it would scare me to death...and then I would fall...geez what if I fell right now...ok did I just jinx myself...oh there is the car wash place...I need to wash my car.

The fourth mile -
Ok this wind is driving me can it be in my face running north and in my face running I have the backside of the long street...phew I think I can make it...feel pretty good...

geez this street has a lot of driveways...too many cars going in and out...I hope I don't get hit...boy people are pretty nice...they always go out of their way not to interrupt my nice I hope I don't gross anyone out by blowing my nose on my SHIRT...

"I'm just a love machine, and I won't work for nobody but you...ah ah ah...I'm just a love machine...hmm hmm hmm...I wonder what they are saying there...oh my favorite part ooh ooh ooh yeah...

here comes the next street to cross...oh my gosh another light...another running in place looking like I am doing the pee pee dance...finally here we go...

The fifth mile

I think I am gonna die

The sixth mile

Ok got second wind...I think I just might make it...I wonder if my sweatshirt is still there...what am I going to have for breakfast. I really would like a Starbucks iced passion tea...boy does THAT sound good. Oh here comes another runner coming towards me...I wonder if he will say hi, or smile. I don't care I am going to do the put the hand up wave and smile. Here he comes...phew he smiled and put his hand up too...a sort of kinship among runners...geez that is what I am...a runner. I think that running 6 miles makes me a runner...whether I like it or not.

Here is the end...phew there is my sweatshirt

...I think I'll run just a bit further...just in case I calculated wrong.

...I know I'm crazy.

More Later

- A Ro

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