Monday, April 13, 2009

Red's BBQ

After a day of baking...and I mean a day...9:00 am to 4:30...GS and I looked around the kitchen and decided that cooking dinner was not in the cards.

...which means I looked around the kitchen and said "There aint no way in heck I am cooking go to Reds" (Which was funny because GS was going to grill pork chops so I really didn't have much to cook anyway)

However, it doesn't take much for me to talk GS into going to fact just saying the word Reds causes him to grab his wallet, head out the door, and get in the car.

Now GS and I go to Red's much more than my kids this was a real treat for them, and they were excited.

So here are the top 10 reasons we love Red's BBQ. (This is not a shameful endorsement for Red's BBQ...they don't know who I am...OK maybe they know me as the girl who always gets the Tuesday special, double veggies, no tomatoes on the salad...but not me as A-Ro.

10 - Those OH so YUMMY hot, fresh, Parmesan rolls they bring you after you sit down. I am serious the four of us ate 10 of them.

9 - The very friendly staff...they have a very slow turn over so we really get to know them...especially when we frequent the joint as much as we do.

8 - The salads...if you are looking for something not so animal may I suggest the BBQ chopped chicken salad, or the tri tip salad (with artichoke hearts and avocado) OMG YUM

7 - The ranch dressing. I know what you are good could ranch dressing be...let me tell is "go right now hop on a plane, get to LAX take a taxi to Simi Valley Red's" good...

6 - The atmosphere...very nice calm place, dark woods and homey feeling. Homey is good when you are looking for a restaurant...not necessarily when looking for a mate...just a piece of free advice.

5 - Now I am not a baby back ribs kind of gal so this one is for Andrew. He could eat his weight in baby back ribs...I am sure of it. Red's has very good baby back ribs.

4 - The coloring contest...this one is for Bella. They do a monthly coloring she has never won, but she is just always sure, every month, that the $20 gift certificate is hers...we are still waiting.

3 - The family of four can eat for under $50 with tip, and have leftovers. GS and I can eat for under $30 with leftovers. It is a deal.

2 - The Tuesday special. Half BBQ chicken and petite tri tip. It comes with dinner salad...did I mention the ranch dressing?, choice of two sides. I get two sides of steamed gotta do what you gotta do when you eat your weight in rolls...did I mention the hot, fresh, Parmesan rolls?
And the number 1 reason we love Red's...


Here are some pics from our latest trip to laughing at me, at least I changed my was covered in buttercream frosting, food coloring, and flour. I also forgot my camera so these are taking with GS's camera phone...I know I know forgetting my camera...unforgivable.

GS and Andrew trying to look like dudes...
Me and my Bella...
Andrew's membership to the clean plate club...well he did give his veggies, salad, and mashed potatoes to his membership to the "I only eat tasty animals, and Parmesan rolls" club...sorry PETA. We could have shaved the kids meal off of our bill but Bella REALLY wanted the buttered noodles...I know...she would do well in a third world country.

...not me I need my Reds...

More Later
- A-Ro

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