Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryan

Well I know that you all can put two and two together and realize that my brother Ryan's birthday is on Halloween. 

yep he is that kid

Today he turns the big 4-0 and when I told my kids that they were shocked that their cool Uncle Ryan could really be 40. 

They have no trouble with me being 43.


I am super crazy into tech week for our Middle School musical Cinderella so all you get Ryan is a couple of pictures for your blog and a very loving Happy Birthday from your older sister.

I didn't even do anything for Greg and consider yourself lucky.

I always kinda felt sorry for you having to have your birthday on Halloween, I mean you get a little overshadowed with all the spooky stuff.

But when I re-look at things I realize that you get to dress up like Thor...

and have a party bus on your 40th birthday

I think the big man upstairs knew exactly what he was doing.

Happy Birthday Little Brother...I love y ou

More Later
- A Ro

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