Monday, May 6, 2013

I Have Failed at Failing

Alright is the situation. I am a bad blogger.

I know that all 6.5 of you that didn't un-follow me during my hiatus are saying "nah you aren't a bad blogger, just a bit...let's say...inconsistent."

Truly this is a downfall of my psyche. I really can't do anything half way. I stopped tying to golf because I wasn't really good at it. I give up my entire exercise regime when I miss a couple of days, and you really don't want to be around me when I decide to clean out a closet...or ten. I either want to have it all or nothing.

That is how it goes with me and blogging. I either feel like I need to blog everyday or not at all. Quite frankly, neither of those situations give me much success. When I don't blog I quit and when I quit I miss it. I miss sharing my life with those I love and those who stop by every now and then to say hi. I miss reading all your blogs and feeling like I have other people rooting for me in my corner even if they are not in my little corner of the world.

I promise I will try to stop my all-or-nothing-blogging attitude.

I will start by catching you up a bit with some pictures.

Bella and the smart Maggie.

Andrew playing his final youth orchestra performance.

These three seniors started together on cello 7 years ago as little sixth graders. The one on the end moved to percussion.

As each senior was recognized and sat down. Andrew stood alone on stage with his Dad, the conductor of the orchestra, I thought my silent tears would soon turn to uncontrollable sobbing if they didn't get on to the last song.

I have some senior night baseball game photos on my camera I'll show you lately because it really isn't good to drown your iPad with tears.

OK that's better...nothing makes me feel better than my cute girl giving me a silly face...looking all tall...and all grown up...


More Later (just maybe not tomorrow)
- A Ro

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  1. I gave up on "every day" a long time ago! I might try it for a month for some purpose, but really I am NOT all that interesting 7 days a week! These days I aim for three to four posts a week - & some weeks that's pushing it!

    That last picture of Andrew on the stage by himself had ME tearing up. Sheesh! What's he going to do next?

    And as usual, love that Bella :)

  2. That senior year is definitely bittersweet! I'm glad to see you back...take the pressure off : ) I've never blogged every day (except when doing the A-Z challenge), and I enjoy a few times a week.

    Oh, and on that tear thing? Wait til you hear the strains of Pomp and Circumstance!

    1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm sure you have been very busy. It's okay to take breaks. I only post a few days a week but I do try to visit with people for awhile each day.
      I'm still here!!!

  3. Yay! You are back! I've missed you.

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  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not the worst blogger in the world. Actually, I find your blog post and messages funny. It takes an honest and brave person like you to admit inconsistencies. Kudos to you! Anyway, don’t forget your promise. Update your blog site more often. Ciao!