Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a few pics from the weekend. It was a very relaxed and fun weekend.

Rich had to work late on Friday and I got off a little earlier than usual so I came home and started watching old home movies.

I know I am a glutton for punishment.

It was kind of like that scene in Christmas Vacation when Clark gets stuck I'm the attic and sits and watches those old movies. Except it was a heck of a lot warmer and I didn't fall down the ladder when everyone got home. Although there were a few tears shed.  I can't believe they were ever that small.

Saturday we went down to Santa Monica to pick up Bella from a Bar Mitvah party at the pier so we ate dinner and walked around. A very nice date night.

They have a Tesla showroom down there and we always have to stop. Rich's dream car...I'll have to admit they are very cool!

Sunday morning started with sleeping in a little and then I did something for me...
I ran 3.2 miles.

Rich put up our hammock and even though it was about 100 degrees outside we all took turns relaxing in it.

Rich is one of those husbands who just listens...he listens when I mention something I would want and then remembers.  This means I always get the best gifts.  This year I got a waffle maker (yes!!) and some chocolate and a personalized bag, and some very nice cards and a gift card to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
I got all the things I wanted. 

Rich BBQ'd tri tip.

The kids each vacuumed and cleaned up their rooms.

...and we had a family game of wiffle ball.  Andrew took no expected.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

More Later

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  1. It certainly was a hot weekend! Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day. I remember that scene with Chevy Chase in the attic in the fur coat and hat! I love the Santa Monica area.

  2. It's 40 degrees here this morning : ) Looks like a happy Mother's Day!

  3. There you go running again - putting me to shame ;)