Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Days and Car Batteries

Well the big news of the day is that Sarah's first day was a success.  And the bigger news is she let me take a picture and didn't give me too much trouble.  In fact she asked me if we could take some more.  Wow, she needs to have a conversation with Andrew and rub a little of that attitude off onto him.

She met a few new kids, survived P.E.and lunch, AND only had one piece of Science homework.  Wow!!  However, she declared that she will never buy lunch there again because the lines are so long.  I am perfectly fine making her lunch everyday, I feel that I can give her a healthier lunch option.  I hate long lines too, so I don't blame her at all.

After I dropped off Sarah I went to off to work in my classroom, however, the classroom was less than friendly.  All of the stuff in the room was piled around my desk as they were cleaning the carpet.  So I worked on a few boxes and went off to have lunch with my good friend Adam. 

I would say hi to Adam but I hope to heck that he doesn't read this blog because he is such a talented writer and I can't even put a cohererent thought together let alone match my verb tenses, heck I don't even know what that means. 

I also got to play with his twin 20 month old boys and his dog Henry.  Oh boy, twins are a fun chaotic crazy-filled bundles of love. how I loved every minute of it.

I ran a few errands before I picked up Sarah.  

She wanted a scrapbook for her 8th grade year so I picked her up a journal like scrapbook, some cool gel pens, a glue stick, and of course some M&M's.  She was so surprised with her gift and went to work on her cover.   She brought home some paper for Bella to decorate for each of her subject's binder and so after dinner the table quickly turned into art central.  They had a blast.

They day ended with the kids going to get frozen yogurt while I unsuccesfully went off to jump start my ex's car.  Yeah...we couldn't figure out the battery on my car.  Boy batteries have changed over the years. 

Rich...Rich...are you out there??? Please come home soon.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. She's a cutie - I guess she'll get used to the picture thing since she lives with a blogger now :)