Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Highlight Reel

After an unofficial week back at work and Sarah's first three day week of school we needed a really nice weekend.  And even though it went all too fast, it did turn out pretty nice.

However, man was it hit the 100's here and I believe it was even a little humid (not to complain too much as my mid-west friends and family truly know what the word humid means)

Bella wins the busiest weekend award.  In fact, as I am sitting here, her and Sarah are catching up and I am surprised that she hasn't just dropped.  Friday, she went to Magic Mountain with a friend and didn't get back until 9:30.  I woke her up Saturday morning to go over to her friend's house and they swam in a lake all day and ended up spending the night.  Sunday I picked her up at her friend's house early and her dad took her and Andrew to the beach and to a BBQ.

Wow, is she trying to squeeze in all she can into the last few weeks of summer vaca, or what.

My weekend was full of a little less fun and I lot more laundry and cleaning, but I do remember those days of trying to get the most out of the summer that flew by too quickly.  But if anyone wants one last play date give me a call.

I officially start back to work this week and Andrew starts his 2 early AP classes as well, so we are easing back into things.

One wonderful thing I got to do this weekend was getting to go see one of my former students Zach in a show Saturday night.  So Rich and I left the boys in charge of fixing corn dogs and lasagna and we went to dinner and saw Zach's show.  We even snuck in some frozen yogurt...shhhh.

Sunday - Cleaning, laundry, grilling out, and scene.

Yeah...the usual.

I thought in keeping with the weekend mood I would share some of our pictures from the Iowa State Fair. 

You know our state fair is a great state fair...

Yes...I only saw the Deep Fried Twinkies and Deep Fried Oreos, the Deep Fried Butter (no joke) was elsewhere, probably near the defibulator station.

Andrew eating, yes you are seeing correctly, a large cup of chocolate chip cookies.  What you don't see is the second cup that he "shared" with Bella.  Ah to have the metabolism of a boy.

An entire farm scene made out of cans for the local food bank.  I like the piggy, and in the background is the cow.

And no trip to the Iowa State Fair would be complete without a trip to see the butter cow.  I love the butter cow.

Just not a fried butter cow.

More later

- A Ro


  1. I would totally have tried a deep fried oreo - yum! But I would have eaten it by the defib station... Good luck this week!

  2. I always LOVE the butter sculpture!!
    Great Fair fun.
    For the record, I COULD eat an entire cup of chocolate chip cookies, but for sure I wouldn't be slim like your boy!

    Enjoy your last bit of vaca (love that word, "vaca")