Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Days of Summer for Sarah

Before I ease you into my first summer pictures by showing off my Bella's birthday party.  I will fill you in on my exciting day.  First, I sent off my husband on his first mandated business trip.  He never travels but he has to travel this week.  Quite frankly it sucks (pardon my language).  It wasn't his choice and the timing sucks (again...sorry) as Sarah starts school tomorrow.  To top it all off he is headed to Fort Hood in Kilene Texas.  If the past shootings and bombings weren't enough to make it a sucky aweful trip it was 109 degrees there today.

Due to the impending end of Sarah's summer we celebrated by standing in line for an hour to get her books, trying numerous times to work her new locker combo, and meeting some very nice school teachers.  This is hard for me because usually I am on faculty of my kids schools but this time I was just a plain old parent (step parent).  But this public school was very nice and I think she is excited to start.  We also did a little last minute shopping and one more visit to the school to make sure we were OK with finding classes and that darned locker.  Thankfully all is good and some of the nerves are gone.

I am hoping for a couple of first day pictures to share tomorrow. 

So...the following pictures are from my Bella's birthday party.  I know, she is so cute!!

We had an art themed party, so I made an artist pallet cake and we had different art stations the girls could go to. 

We were so happy that all but two of her friends could come.  We were worried that summer vacations would interefere but it was a great turn out.

Of course, her BFF Hannah was there and these two are all silly. 

We ended the day with a birthday dinner with our Sabrina at BJ's.  It wouldn't be a birthday without a Pizookie. 

It was a great day.  We are usually are travelling to Iowa for her birthday and spend it either on an airplane or in Iowa.  Although family birthdays are really great it is nice to have one with friends every now and then.

But boy this mama was tired after this day, but the smile on her face was worth it all.  Not sure Justin (Rich' son) would agree, as he spent the afternoon with 10 silly 11 year olds.  He was great though and thankfully he knew how to run a helium tank AND tie the balloons.  That is a really great skill to have and I am trying to get him to put it on his resume.

Well that's all for now.  Keep your fingers crossed that Sarah will allow some pics tomorrow.  You know that I'll try my best!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! My oldest had an art party way back when. It was so much fun-my father in law made wooden caddys for all the girls to paint and decorate and we filled them with art supplies as the 'goody bag'. I don't think my cake was as cute as yours though.

    Good luck to Sarah on the first day of school!

  2. Also, please remember Amy.... you are not her mother or parent. The Title is ''step parent''.


  3. Happy B-day Bella!

    Sorry Rich is in Killeen (it's 2 hours from us and that is where Marc's sister lives. It's kinda a sucky place!!!)

    My kids LOVE the piezookie!!!

    Good luck with the new school year. So exciting to have all the kids together! And, great hearing from you again!

  4. Lonnie - I am VERY aware of my role in Sarah's life and if you look back you will see that I did refer to myself as her step parent. And yes I am enjoying her very much. Look for some first day pictures soon.