Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I know that most teachers sorta dread the first days of back-to-school meetings.  Most of the time it is just a bunch of housekeeping information and watch watching.

Not me.

I love the first big meeting of the year, for many many reasons.  First I love routine and housekeeping items.  I love hearing about the new teachers, and about the exciting new programs and plans.  I am just that kind of girl I  love getting my planner, class lists, and grade book.  I love opening my box of ordered school supplies and organizing my supply drawer. 

I know...just odd.

Secondly, I truly am a diva and love getting my semi annual hair cut, picking out a cute outfit, and seeing everyone that I have missed over the summer.  Catching up with my fellow teachers and getting back into that community of people really excite me. 

I also love the idea that this is the first real day of my new year and I love teaching so it is really like I am at the gate ready to go.

Mostly, however, my administrators always pump me up, make me realize that I am the kind of teacher that kids need, and reaffirm all that I do.  My assistant headmaster showed us this video this morning.  He is a big music supporter and he is constantly reading books about music and composers and listening to as much music as he can get his hands on, and is very in the "know" when it comes to music. (Sometimes I feel nervous talking to him about music because I really am afraid he is going to stump me.)  So it really didn't surprise me that he uses a famous conductor and musician to drive a very important point home.

This video really moved me.  It combined my love of my subject area, my love of teaching, and really inspired me to do my best everyday.

It is kind of a long video, but really worth it.  I hope if you have the time you might watch it and let me know what you think.

My father always taught me that every time you interact with a person you make that person feel better after the encounter than before.  It is our responsibility as teachers, and quite frankly parents, to use our power for good and really make a difference in our children's lives.

I am inspired to do great things and really make my students (and kids) eyes shine.

More Later

- A Ro 

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