Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fun

So it's Friday, and since I am very glad and happy that it is Friday, I thought I would just share some fun and wonderful things with you all.

1.  I came home to find Andrew helping Sarah with her English homework.  This is fun and wonderful for two reasons.  1) Andrew helping Sarah (it was very cute to see him do this) and 2) Andrew being able to help anyone with English (not his best subject)

2.  My little neice Sami had her first day of school yesterday and I got this cute picture sent to me.
Now we can't seem to figure out where she gets all that sass from, but needless to say I am pretty sure I know who I am going to leave my tiaras and Diva card too when I leave this earth.

3.  This video was taken by one of Andrew's friends from camp.  It ended up getting about 60,000 hits and Fox TV station used it.  It is very cute and I just love these monkeys.

4.  This video was sent to my by one of my administrators.  It truly shows how amazing Bobby McFarrin is and really how amazing the brain is when it comes to music and impulses.  I really enjoyed watching this demonstration.

Have a wonderful and fun Friday and I hope your weekend shapes up to be a long and enjoyable one. 

More Later

- A Ro

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