Monday, July 23, 2012

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Today at camp it was 80's dress up day.  Now for those of you who know me pretty well know that I do NOT like to dress up in any sort of costume.  I love Halloween but despise dressing up in costume.  So as much as I love the 80's style I just couldn't dress up.  I mean c'mon who doesn't look good with feathered hair, leg warmers, shoulder pads, big bows, and off the shoulder tops.  But I then realized that I actually have in my possession something that I actually wore in the 80's numerous times as a proud girlfriend of a football player...Rich's football jersey.

So I rocked the side pony and put on his jersey.

Thankfully my daughter loves to dress up and also put together a pretty rad outfit.  The funny thing is certain fashion styles of the 80's are coming back in style.  There are lots of neon colors, high jean shorts, off the shoulder shirts, and big colorful sunglasses are back in. 

Little did I know that when the temps reached 90 today that jersey would be unbearable to wear so I ditched the jersey and the side pony oh about noon, but I feel I did my duty. 

I just hope that feathered hair doesn't make a comeback.  I don't think I could do what I did back then to make it all happen, plus I have a definite aversion to the smell of Aqua Net.
I mean it took hours to get this look.  By the way I LOVED this sweater.  I kinda wish I had it now. 
He looked GOOD, and had the perfect hair texture for feathering!!  If only he would have smiled.

Talk about good hair for brothers are just lucky I didn't look very hard for their senior picture.  Serious feathering and maybe a mullet going on.

I really loved having Rich's jersey on once again.

Although for some reason it didn't fit me quite the way it used to back in the 80's :)

More Later

- A  Ro


  1. Good thinking on the football jersey; I don't like to dress up either.

  2. My girls sorority has an 80s prom...the pictures are hilarious. Last year my daughter wore one of my 80's bridesmaid dresses. Her friends could not believe I actually wore it in a wedding.

    You're rockin the side pony : )