Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I Did and Did Not Do On My Blog Hiatus

Well here I am once again having gone an eon without blogging.  I thought about blogging everyday but alas no fingers to the keys.  I thought about all of you everyday too, but alas no fingers to the keys.  So to give it another shot I am going to start by telling you all the things I did not do while not blogging.

1.  I did NOT do three birthday sister Kate, my brother Greg, and Rich...I hope they can forgive me.

2.  I did at least wish them a happy birthday.

3.  I did NOT scrapbook any pictures.

4.  I did upload one month of pictures from my camera...I think March, nope February.

5.  I did move!!!  Yes you heard that right...we moved, yet again.

6.  I did NOT take any pictures of my new house, but I promise I will soon.  Just as soon as I finish uploading March, April, May and June.  So in other words never.

7.  I did, eventually, unpack all the boxes, hemmed and hung curtains so we all didn't have to sit on one side of the dining room table as not to be blinded by the evening sun.

8.  I did NOT however, finish unpacking knick knacks, finish hanging pictures, or buy living room furniture.

9.  I did attend Sarah's graduation from 8th Grade

And allowed my picture to be taken but only because she begged me.  Geez I'm short.

10.  I did celebrate Rich's birthday by baking him a carrot cake from scratch.
11.  I did attend and sing at my good friend Mandy's wedding and took a sort of family picture.  We looked pretty good.
It was in that place!!

Such pretty girls...

Such a handsome guy

12.  I did get to see Bella's art work be one of only 4 sixth graders entered in our schools end of the year art contest.
This is a scratch art project.  You get a black scratch paper and go from there.

13.  I did NOT get rid of my son only didn't capture him in any pictures.

14. I did miss you all terribly and hope you forgive my absence.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Glad to see you back! My, Bella is talented!
    Looks like you've been really busy, so I think you have an excuse for not blogging! :)

  2. So nice to see you back! A move? Welll, that explains it : )
    Hope to see you Wednesday!

  3. Well, I was going to say that Sarah is TALL, but we can go with you being short :)

    Glad you're back!

  4. I've been wanting to blog but don't have any thoughts in my mind! You moved! Hope that went well for you. Bella did an amazing job on the pictue. I remember my brother doing those in art school many, many years ago.