Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few More Pictures

As I sit here writing this I am listening to Sarah practice her clarinet scales.  She has been furiously practicing her scales and memorizing them because she wants to audition for the band that is the next one up.  I am a music teacher and I have never seen a person work so hard towards a goal.  As soon as she came to live with us she wanted to re-learn how to play the clarinet.  She wanted to join the band in high school.  That meant she had one year to get it together.  We got her a clarinet and some lessons and away she went.  She joined the band this year AND the marching band and it was the best thing for her. 

I am constantly amazed with how much this girl has blossomed since moving here.  She has only missed two days of school since she has been with us, she has learned the clarinet,participated in marching band, and has a 3.57 grade point average. 

She made it onto the marching band academic honors team.
We are so proud of her!!

So I mentioned that I have some other adorable nephews and a niece and since my sister-in-law Michelle sent some pictures of our adventures in Iowa I have a few more to show you.

This is my beautiful niece Sami.  She is very glamorous and has the best clothes.  She is super sweet and so smart and full of energy.
Here are my nephews JoJo and Tyler.  They are also so smart and darn cute.  JoJo, the younger one, just loves his Tyler and always is right next to him.  It is a very interesting cousin dynamic.  My two are the oldest and kinda do their own thing.  JoJo and Sami are about six months apart in age and they are two peas in a pod.  JoJo adores Tyler and follows him around, and little Abby just loves them all and is the caboose in the cousin train.  They just walk around all following Tyler.  It is so cute.

Here is the dynamic trio with their mom's.  I love this picture.  It was such a happy evening.

And if you ever wondered out of the four siblings which two cause the most trouble just look at the following picture.
Let's just say Kate and I keep things on track.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Go Sarah! Cute pictures of the cousins. Boy I can see your son in Tyler - you can tell they're related :)

  2. Band has done wonderful things for YS, too!