Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hey! It's Me...Happy New Year

First I have to put a disclaimer out there. I am attempting to blog on my iPad. So we will see.

So to ease me (and potentially you) back into this blogging thing I decided to start with some pictures of the goings on around here.

I have decided that I love making cookies and if I ever won the lottery I would open a cookie shop. I know more than likely if I ever won the lottery I'd be on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink thinking about anything else but opening a cookie shop, but one could hope.

Here are some that I did for the holidays, by the way these cookies also won me an award at the cookie exchange again this year, that makes 4 in a row...

...but who's counting.

I gave these away with some snowmen cake pops as teacher and friend gifts. I also did some peppermint candy cookies.

Sarah went back to Iowa to visit her mom on Christmas Eve so we had a "Sar-e Christmas" on Sunday the 23rd. We went to her favorite sushi restaurant and went home to open gifts.

Bella's gift from Sarah...a penguin she made in ceramics class.

This is her opening her new Kindle.

The rest of the family opened gifts on Christmas morning before we left for Iowa.

Our tree.

Maggie and her stocking.

We left for Iowa and got this welcome.

Part of my mom's yard.

The cows outside our back door.

A little Abby peeking out.

Speaking of Abby she made it into a few of my mind you I have two other cute nephews and another cutie pie niece and I promise I'll post some pictures of them soon.

She loved sitting on Andrew's lap she would come up to me and ask me if she could go find Andrew and sit on his lap...most of the time she was shy around him.

She also liked to cuddle with Bella she was sad in this picture and just needed Bella.

She kinda liked me a little too...

Vegas loved her too...sometimes.

Bella took her outside in the cute!!

Justin came to hang out with us too.

And Christmas wouldn't be the same without me and my siblings and our "wallpaper" picture...geez how come I missed the tall gene.

We went to a place called Incredible Pizza and played mini golf.

One post I will have to tell you all about my crazy phobia regarding life size statues. Let's just say this was a tough picture for me to take.

Kate and Andrew tore up guitar hero.

Well that's a start. More to come I promise. No really I promise.

More Later



  1. Looks like fun- glad you had a merry Christmas!

  2. You really are a shrimp (said the shrimp). I can't teach so I guess I'll just have to be your friend so you will send me cookies. Those are fabulous!

  3. What a fantastic Christmas you had! Love all the pictures and your cookies/treats look wonderful. Happy New Year...