Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Round Up

It seems like only hours ago that I was blogging about how excited I was about the weekend and now I am sitting here waxing woeful that it is over.

Rich and I had an amazing dinner at a fancy steakhouse on Friday night. Don't feel one bit guilty that we were dining on filet mignon and ahi salad while the girls were home with Papa Johns don't forget each of those pizzas come with garlic dipping sauce.

Saturday Rich and the kids went to the movies. Sarah and Bella went to see Les Mis and Rich and Andrew went to see D'Jango Unchained. None of those are Amy movies so I stayed home and putzed. I love to putz around the house and it really is never very quiet around here so it was a nice break.

Sunday was full of studying for finals as you can see by these pictures.

Stir crazy Bella + new laptop computer from Dad for christmas with camera = not much studying.

More later


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  1. LOL at Bella - she's a nut. What did the girls think of Les Mis?