Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First, First Day

SO much to catch you all up on.  I have been in Iowa and Arkansas visiting family and have so many pictures and things to tell you about.



She is ready to go.
She is in the Marching Band this year.  She has been working SO hard in the heat learning the drill.  Originally she was just supposed to be in the percussion pit because she was in Iowa during band camp, but there was a last minute clarinet position open and they needed her to march.  She has been furiously learning all the stuff she missed and is doing GREAT.  Such a positive attitude even in the heat.  She was smart enough to bring her backpack with all her folders and books the other day during band camp so all she had to bring was her clarinet and lunch.  They had to do a little performance today so she had to wear her band t-shirt.  She was allowed to bring a change of clothes but she didn't want to...she was proud of her band shirt.  I am so proud of this girl!!

Snuck one more before she got out.  Look at that smile, she will make tons of friends.

One last she goes.

I promise pictures from my trip later and a video of my niece Abby reading a ready to have your heart broken into a million pieces.

More Later

- A Ro

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!!

Today is our 2nd year anniversary, and I am in Arkansas and Rich is in California.  It just proves that we will do just about anything to save a little bit of money.  Being apart on our anniversary and taking a cheaper flight was the way to go this year. 

But I just want you to know that I really wish we were together.

Two years ago I married the most wonderful man in the world.  He takes care of me, makes me happy, and makes me a better person.  I can't imagine my life without him and I thank God each day for sending him to me. 

Rich, you saved my life, and I am so blessed to be your wife.

I love you so much.

More Later


Monday, August 6, 2012

I really have a lot of things to tell you about.  Namely my jury duty experience, my trip this past weekend to Northern California (or as we call it around here NorCal) and my upcoming trip to Iowa.  However, this morning my post will be posting my 101 in 1001.  Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond is participating in this as well and she has inspired me to make my own list (so she can cross off her number 101).  What you do is make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days.  Mine has a few that are on going and I am sure that will be hard to track, but I wanted to include those.  So check out my list and join up if you want.  Be sure to let me know if you decide to participate because then I can cross off my number 101.  I will be posting updates throughout the 1001 days so we will see what happens by May 4th 2015 (that is if my math is correct)

August 6 2012
May 4 2015

1. Catch up on scrapbooking
2. Loose 40 pounds
3. Take Rich to New York
4. Organize all my shutterfly albums
5. Try a new recipe each month (33)
6. Buy living room furniture
7. Make my own spaghetti sauce
8. Go to the dentist
9. Bake macaroons
10. Replace the old windows in the house
11. Develop comprehensive sixth grade music theory unit
12. Plant a vegetable garden
13. Learn how to make sushi
14. Stop eating lunch at my desk
15. Be able to do a double under
16. Be able to do a pull up
17. Clean out video cabinet in my classroom
18. Catalog sheet music 
19. Get out sewing machine and sew a skirt
20. Start an etsy shop
21. Make flossing my teeth a habit
22. Upload my pictures from camera to computer and then to shutterfly each 
23. File all the music in my classroom bins
24. Write a handwritten note to 36 people (36)
25. Be thankful for 3 things each day and write them down
26. Finish knitting blanket
27. Have the guts to get a pedicure
28. Grow fingernails so I can get a manicure
29. Change out picture frames with new pictures of family
30. Work up a new aria
31. Get my California teaching certificate
32. Teach Bella how to shave her legs
33. Purchase a chair for the downstairs family room
34. Try to debug Bella's netbook
35. Purchase shoe inserts like the doctor prescribed so I can run more than 3 miles at a time
36. Make Rich an apple pie from scratch like I used to in high school
37. Find perfect lamp for bedroom
38. Call my mom once a week...I miss her
39. Put Richs childhood pictures in some order
40. Scan them 
41. Make a shutterfly book for him
42. Let Bella and Sarah help cook dinner once a week
43. Teach Andrew how to cook 5 dishes before he goes to college
44. Dye my wedding sundress a color that I will wear again
45. Start an exercise calendar
46. Learn a new song on the piano
47. Work on my sight-singing
48. Read three books that deal with the brain
49. Read another Malcolm Gladwell book
50. Figure out how to use Smart Music
51. Do my own arrangement for my Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
52. Be able to do 10 pushups in a row
53. Never walk away from a meal feeling guilty
54. Keep my current pair of sunglasses
55. Remember and send a birthday card to all my current students and 1st year alumni
56. Clean out drawers in cabinet in classroom
57. Use new 2nd anniversary hammock once a week
58. Develop comphensive sight singing units for my upper school chorus
59. Find a daily devotional site
60. Develop and use my teacher page on our website
61. Work the Sunday LA Times crossword puzzle without cheating
62. Conduct 10 pieces of music from memory (10)
63. Relearn how to play cribbage
64. Send my nieces and nephews a little something each month
65. Cut out all processed foods
66. Learn how to make homemade refried beans
67. Get caught up with Chuck episodes
68. Purchase and use a good quality facial sunscreen
69. Reread the Harry Potter books
70. Make journaling an every night habit
71. Change the windshield wipers on my car all by myself
72. Get all of my favorite recipes into Pepper Plate
73. Organize all of Bella's artwork
74. Finish getting all of my warm ups on cards
75. Write a letter to my congressman about an issue I feel strongly about
76. Figure out a way to get family members to stop smoking
77. Write Andrew a going to college letter and get his family members to join in
78. Come up with a great graduation present for Andrew
79. Go tent camping
80. Start composting
81. Come up with some sort of shelving unit for back porch
82. Add more green and flowers to patio area
83. Host a BBQ at our house
84. Find some clarinet piano duets
85. Make homemade ice cream
86. Find a home church
87. Get involved with Bella and Sarah in a community service project
88. Get Kristin to sing duets with me
89. Fix tires on the bike and go for a bike ride
90. Take a family trip to the beach
91. Find and go to a professional development conference
92. Make choral alumni day a bigger event
93. Develop and upkeep a choral alumni data base
94. Figure and use Skype
95. Do another Melting Pot tour
96. Go on a girls only trip
97. Try a new ethnic restaurant
98. Go see a concert at the Civic Arts Plaza
99. Go see the musical Wicked
100. Go see an independent film at the Arclight
101. Inspire one other person to do their own 101 in 1001 list

More Later

- A Ro