Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday T-Y Ty

Seriously blogger, you really needed to have the tab button=post...really?? really??? TWICE...I mean people are going to stop following me if this continues...oh wait, not very many people follow me now.  Oh well you get what you pay for.

My apologies to all of you. Geez. 

Today is my oldest nephews birthday.  I know he was almost born on MY birthday which would have for sure secured me as the favorite aunt, but alas he took his time and was born today.

Speaking of my birthday...the birthday post that I posted had some funky math that no one pointed out.  You all must be so kind that you let my mathematical error go by without comment.  Thank you, since math as a skill for me is right up there with trying to program the VCR and driving calmly.  In other words something that certainly could use some improvement.  Even my special anonymous commenter let it go by too, maybe math isn't her strong suit either.

Back to my adorable nephew Tyler...who is six years old today.  YIKES!!
Look how handsome he is.
I mean seriously...he is killing me with handsomeness.

But if you think he is handsome now...just look at how unbelievably cute he was as a little boy.

Stop it now.

I can't take it...

No more I say.
I said stop it right now.

He is such a sweet boy too!!  He loves everyone and is always ready to give you a hug...

Unless he is playing with his legos...then you will just have to wait.

He is a very good big brother.

Can't you just see how much he loved having a new baby sister.

He really is a good big brother!!

and loves to help his dad...

...and his Papa too...what a great kid.

Everyone wants to have their picture taken with Ty.

His UG (Uncle Greg)  Another Bears sweatshirt, seriously UG expand your wardrobe.

His Titi (Aunt Michelle)

His Aunt Kate

His favorite Aunt in California (notice the fettucini in his pocket...cracks me up)

His Nana
 Of course, his mama too.

Even Andrew will take a picture with Tyler.

Tyler doesn't take a bad picture, because of this he is photographed often, and when I mean often I mean I have so many cute pictures of Tyler it was hard to choose which ones would go into this post. 

He is such a professional and always knows how to work the camera.
Even when no one else will.

I love my nephew.  He is smart, kind, sweet, and oh so much fun to be around.

But the one thing I love about Tyler the most.

He takes his ice cream cone eating very seriously.

Happy Birthday Tyler!!  I can't wait to see you in a week.  I love you!!

More Later

- A Ro

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 10th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

So yesterday I turned 41, yeah I know it is hard to believe.  It seems like only  yesterday I was trying to feather my hair and make blue eyeshadow look good.  I know that you are dying to know what a 41 year old birthday was like, well you are just so lucky that I have a blog and just happen to have turned 41 goes.

My birthday wishes started the night before from an alum of mine that is in New York and wished me a happy birthday New York time. 

My actual day started with a sweet kiss from my love followed by my mother calling me and singing happy birthday, wow what a treat that was.  It isn't everyday that a singer happens to have a mother that is a singer and can really get the job done.  My sister then called and my niece cooed at me and I am sure she did her share of slobbering all over the phone...don't worry Abby Aunt Amy is coming to see you and squeeze those cheeks, kiss that face, and ooh and ahh over all that red hair!!

My daughter then showered me with well wishes and various gifts.  I got a very nice framed picture of an oil painting she did.  Andrew gave me an Arizona Wildcats t-shirt via Bella since he is out of town.  She also made me various art projects and cards, boy do 9 year old girls know how to make their mama feel special.

It was a camp field trip day and we went off to grab a birthday Starbucks and head to camp in our green camp shirts.  As we got to camp the birthday wishes kept coming.  I was hugged, sang to, and bombarded with flowers and gifts.  The bowling trip was great except for little Sarah who fell getting out of the bus and ended up with a huge goose egg knot on her head and very skinned knees. However, this member of the first aid team leaped into action.  Grabbed ice, applied pressure to the knees, and told stupid jokes and stories to make her laugh.  The one that got her giggling the most was the story of the the time that I fell and got hurt.  Now if you know me at all you are trying to ascertain exactly WHICH story I told her as there are many, many stories of me being a clutz.  This particular time was the time that I opened a car door into my head and had a big goose bump for our family picture the next day.  She laughed and laughed as she cried.  It is clear to me now why I was put on the first aid team, my "been there done that" stories are key in calming and soothing the injured.  It certainly wasn't because of my steel constitution and coolness under pressure.  All I know is that anything worse than a bump, cut, scrape or bruise and you will be needed first aid for this first aid team member.

After camp Rich and I went to my favorite Italian restaurant, and I got to open more gifts!!  I opened two more Arizona Wildcat t-shirts (my boys were paying attention when I was agnst-ing over the fact that I didn't have any shirts from my alma mater) ready for this...TICKETS TO A DAVE MATTHEWS BAND CONCERT!!!! Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse better, as I was looking stunning in my green camp t-shirt (as I forgot to bring a change of clothes) in walk the Kardashians and started to film an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians right next to us.  I was sitting there hoping and wishing that I will be a part of that fabulous piece of television programming ESPECIALLY since I was sporting that green camp t-shirt.  Now I can say that I at had my birthday dinner with the Kardashians...or not.

The evening ended with finding the perfect shoes to go with my perfect dress for my perfect day to start my perfect life with my perfect man. 

To top it all off I sat down at my computer when I got home and opened an e-mail from my sister in law...

Here is how it went:

Happy Birthday to Aunt Amy!
(Insert pic of Amy's beautiful mug)

Aunt Amy is a wonderful Aunt to all of her nieces & nephews!
(insert photo of 4 freaking cute kids)
Aunt Amy taught me what it means to be a really good Aunt on JoJo's first Xmas. At only a few months old, he was going thru some unhappy moments that lasted for hours. Being that she had personal experience with upset babies she held him thru all the crying & fussing never once giving me the "Ok, you birthed him you can have him back" look instead she said "a good aunt never gives him back when he's crying" (not exact quotes but a long those lines)
Her nieces & nephews love her so much they fly to Cali just to clean her kitchen.

She is lucky enough to have two awesome kids that love her very much
She's also lucky enough to have a great guy who can make her smile from states away with just some sweet words
(insert pic of amy reading rich's text)

Her luck continues when it come to a big loving family whether in Cali, Iowa or heaven
(insert Lrg fam photo from Nana's 60th, pic with siblings & pic with gma evie)

But those of us that know her realize we are the lucky ones because we have her in our lives!!
Hope you have an amazing birthday & that this brings you as much joy as yours do to us!!
Love YOU!

Thank you Michelle...even though some of those pictures didn't download your kind words and hard work made my year.

So don't you wish YOU celebrated the 10th anniversary of your 21st birthday EVERY year??

As long as they don't include dinner with the Kardashians I'm in.

More Later

- A Ro

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

I know that by the time you read this it will be Wednesday, more than likely, but I am writing it on Tuesday so it still counts...right??

If you can forgive the Tuesday/Wednesday thing then keep reading.  If you can't then either re-title it in your head "Why Wednesday" or go back to your regular programming.

1. Why is running 4 miles on a flat track MUCH harder than running 4 miles in my hilly neighborhood? #momtaughtmethatrunningincirclesisnotproductive

2. Why can't foresight be 20/20? #shouldn'thaveeatencheescakeforlunchandthenrunfourmiles

3. Why don't people like having birthdays and getting older? #itisbetterthanthealternative

4. Why did I bring up birthdays? #shamelessplugformyfortyfirstbirthdaytomorrow

5. Why do certain "coincidences" turn out to be not so coincidential? #ibelievethingshappenforareason

6. Why does it take so much longer to get out of the house these days? #preteengirlwhohasdiscoveredconditionerandloveshersofthair

7. Why is it so nice to not have Andrew in the car sometimes? #mamaandbellarockinouttoglee

8. Why does making 150 snowcones come easy to me? #thisiowagirlknowshowtomaketheperfectsnowball

9. Why do I love my job so much? #whereelsedoyougetgreateddailybykidswithbighugsandhappytoseeyousmiles

10. Why am I not paniced by my upcoming wedding? #becausethedaywillbeperfectevenifitisnt

My life is great. #hopingyoursistoo

More Later

- A Ro

Monday, July 26, 2010

Project 365 Week 30

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A day (almost two days) late, but things are getting a little crazy around my house with all of our travel coming up.  It is the last week of camp and then we head out to Iowa and eventually to Missouri to get MARRIED!!  We are very excited at starting our happy beginning...finally.  It has been 20 plus years in the making.

Here is my week:


I Found It

I know this picture isn't great, but I don't want to give too much away.  I went to Macy's to look at dresses.  I was not sure what I wanted but I liked this one.  I tried it on and Bella loved it too.  It was $100 which I thought was reasonable for a wedding dress until I got to the check out counter and it was on sale for $35.  Wow.  I love this dress and I'll show you more pics later...don't want to spoil the surprise too much!!  Rich has his outfit and it looks so good on him.


'Cause This Is Thriller

We had our musical theater display today.  Bella's group sang and danced to Thriller.  They were so amazing.  They did the entire dance, and the boys really rocked it out.  Bella took this very seriously and had this stoic look on her face.  Such a great show.


Date Night

Rich and I had the evening to ourselves and we went to a new restaurant that we have been dying to try.  It was very good, and it was nice to sit and chat.


Bella's New Friend

We were wasting time before Andrew's cello lesson so we went and got some chips and guacamole.  Bella was throwing tortilla chips on the ground to try to attract the birds and before you know it she had a flock of birds. She promptly named and kept track of all of them, in true Bella fashion, for the rest of our time.  This one is James.


A Wedding Shower

My good friend Vicki had a shower for me and Rich.  She got us these beautiful flowers and balloon.  We had a swimming party at my friend Diane's house and yummy Stone Fire Grill BBQ.  I felt very special and loved.  We got some gift cards and it was a very nice time by all.  


Medieval Times

Today camp went to Medieval Times.  It isn't one of my favorite trips, but it was fun because I had a front row seat.  The campers love this trip even though our knight NEVER wins.  I love watching horses and am in awe of their skill and grace.

Proof That I am Crazy

I am making some jewelry for the wedding.  I spent most of the day today working on this.  Thankfully Rich picked up my slack and cleaned by himself today (usually a shared job).  I love the stuff that I made so far, but have some more to do...better get on that don't you think...two weeks and counting.

In Summary:

I had a great week full of wonderful memories.  Great camp adventures, great times with my family, good talks and walks with my hubby to be.  Just a great life!!

More Later

- A Ro

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Actual Nonsense Post

Can you believe it I am actually posting something other than Project 365 or my Tell Me Why Tuesdays?  Well it seems that this blogger actually got her butt out of bed early to go to spin at the gym.  She had to get up early because the spin class is too late for her schedule so she had to get her spin in BEFORE the class started. 

(realized I am typing in third person so now I moving out of third person)

It was a run day but Rich had to be to work early and I get a little freaked out about running 4 miles away from my house when no one is home to get that phone call that I have fallen and broken my neck, or at least skinned my knee and can't make it home. 

So the perfect storm of a morning has me sitting here with 30 minutes before I have to start getting ready.

However, I have a little unpleasant housekeeping before I begin my nonsense of a post:

I don't mind anonymous comments.  Many of my family and friends don't have a blogger account so they post anonymously.  But to the one person who posts harassing comments anonymously I just want to give you a friendly warning.  I subscribe to two tracking software companies.  The first one tracks everyone who visits my blog and on what day they visit.  The second one tracks ALL comments even anonymous ones.  It can tell me exactly what IP address each comment comes from, even anonymous ones.  An IP address is your computers fingerprint.  It names YOUR exact computer.  So your anonymous comment isn't really anonymous. Now it gives me lots of information about you, but not your name.  However, a judge could order that information be disclosed if he/she needed it for a court case.  If you don't believe me look it up.  There is no need for those kind of comments.

Sorry for back to my nonsense of a post.

Today our camp is embarking on another wonderful field an outdoor fun park.  Bumper boats, mini golf, arcades, and the like.  Our camp takes many field trips and usually they are so much fun.  We went to see Toy Story 3, we went bowling, we went to the zoo, and to an indoor playground.  However our past trip to Disneyland last Friday was a field trip like no other.  It started with a slight argument with a woman who made a nasty comment to a couple of my girls because they sat at a shady picnic table that she "reserved" by putting a jacket on the bench.  Naturally I stuck up for my girls in a calm but firm manner, but one of the other counselors told me he had his eye on me as he was afraid that the other woman might need "help" if I decided to pull out some of my mad kickboxing moves.  I, however, was very calm as I pointed out to her that her nasty comment was unnecessary and wasn't very nice.  And it would have had to been those mad Zumba moves because I haven't been kickboxing in awhile. 

The day went on to yield 102 degree temps and long lines one of which included standing behind a gentleman who had an I Heart Porn button on his backpack.  We, and by we I mean me, another counselor and 7 middle schoolers followed that button for about 45 mintues until finally one of my little seventh grade girls asked very loudly "What is Porn?".  To which my reply was "That is one of those words that is best explained by your mom or dad"  I am very sorry mom or dad...I had no other choice but to pass that buck on to you.  However, I am fully aware that more than likely by the time that girl finished the bus ride back to school she was properly versed on the subject.  Rich told me that I should have told her that it was purple corn...very funny.  The day ended with a very salty A-Ro falling asleep on the bus watching A Sharks Tale, and when I say watching I am using that term very literally. The sound was not very good and trying to read cartoon lips isn't all that effective, which is probably why I fell asleep.  Although I have been known to fall asleep in a moving vehicle while being driven to the grocery store.  All the kids had a great time and really that is what it is all about.

Tomorrow I take my CIT's to Hurricane Harbor, the local water park.  Now doesn't that sound fun!!  There is really nothing that makes me happier than getting into my bathing suit, riding 30 miles on a school bus in the 102 degree heat with 15 middle and high schoolers and then swimming in water that has been occupied by about 1000 other so cal residents.  But the kids will have fun and that is what it is all about...right??

I think that there is an umbrella and a chaise lounge with my name on it, and it better not be "reserved".

More Later

- A Ro


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

Yet another edition of Tell Me Why Tuesdays.  Enjoy peeking into my brain, grab a broom and dustpan while you are needs some major cleaning.

1.  Why is it that I can remember to put the soap in the dishwasher but can't seem to finish the deal by actually turning it on? #thatsecondstepiscertainlyharderthanthefirst??

2.  Why do some very simple things have to be so darn difficult?? #toomanyclosedmindedpeopleintheworld

3.  Why out of all the soda bottles at the lunch truck do I buy the one that doesn't have the top on properly?? #hotdayplusflatsodaequalsgrouchyamy

4.  Why when asked to MC the camps musical theater showcase do I decide to find props and single handedly act out the scene leading up to each song instead of just announcing what's next?? #thewordeasyisnotinmyvocabulary

5.  Why is it way easier to be hard on ourselves then to really look at our blessings?? #complaininggetsmoreattentionthanhappiness

6.  Why is it that I can find time to do everybody's laundry, cook dinner, clean my house, and be mom taxi, but I can't find time to blog or read blogs?? #ihavemyprioritiesstraightordoi?

7.  Why can't I get on the Zumba dance craze train?? #toomanysweatypeopleinoneroomtryingtobeshakira

8.  Why do I find myself searching the internet for an adult hip hop class? #thismommawantstopopandlockherselfrightintotraction

9.  Why do I keep avoiding Target when I really actually NEED to go instead of just WANTING to go? #theclosesttargetnowismorethantenminutesfrommynewhouse:(

10. Why is this gal so excited for August 7th? #marryingthemanofmydreamsfinally

More Later

- A Ro

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project 365 Week 29

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Once again it is time to check out my week.  It was busy but very fun.  Andrew was out of town at baseball camp and I managed to get him in a picture.  Go figure...he leaves town and I get a good picture of him.

Here goes!!


Arizona Baseball Camp

Andrew visited University of Arizona, where I got my masters degree, with his dad this week.  He went to an Arizona Baseball Camp run by the U of A baseball staff and players.  He had a great week.  He would like nothing more than to go there for school.  I think that is great!!  He is in the red shirt all the way to the left.


Dare Devils

S really wanted to go to MB2 raceway while she was with us.  We went and she got to race go carts.  She decided that she wanted to do the adult race with her dad but she took the first turn too fast and crashed!!!  The great thing about S is that she just doesn't give up.  She got back in the car and raced again.  What an amazing girl.  


Super Hero Day

It was dress up like a super hero day today at camp.  Bella is Hippie Girl.  I just love the socks and the shoes.  She came up with it all by herself, very creative don't you think??


Girly Girls

Bella and S decided that they wanted to do each others nails and make up.  They were so cute giggling and talking about beauty tips.  I had so much fun watching them.  They decided that they would get up and do each others makeup for camp since it was Sarah's last day.  Later that day Bella decided that fifth grade girls have no business wearing makeup.  Too much trouble...don't I know it.


My Big Boy

Today was the last day of baseball camp and my boy got to pitch.  I love this picture.  It is at a stadium that I liked to go to when I was in college and now he is ON the field pitching.  Wow am I old!!



Today it was camps turn to go to Disneyland.  Here is one of my CIT groups enjoying some pizza and pasta.  It was so stinking hot today.  I sweat in places I never knew I...lets just say I sweat a lot.  We had fun.  Rich flew to Iowa to take S home today.  We were all a little sad. 


Veggies from My Mom's Garden

Rich stayed with my parents last night while he was in Iowa and brought us yummy veggies from my Mom's garden.  Onions, butternut squash, zucchini, and green beans.  How lucky am I???

In Summary:  The key to getting Andrew in a picture is to not tell him you are taking it.  There dare devil girly girl had to go home, but we had an amazing time.  Our relationship couldn't be stronger and it was like we all were never apart.  This is good news and completely changes our attitude.  Disneyland wiped me out, but mom's veggies loaded me up again.  My Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Challenge is going strong and boy it is amazing what a little attitude adjustment can do.  I am excited to be sharing my blessings and helping myself achieve some goals.  We had a great week and obviously we are very blessed!!

More Later

- A Ro

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

Why can't we bottle the feeling that we feel AFTER we exercise and take just a little taste of it when the alarm goes off??  I am fairly certain that the little swig would make it much easier to get out of bed.

My Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is challenge is going great.  Just the attitude of being thankful for being able to move my body (as old and creaky as it is becoming) really helps me throw those legs off the side of the bed and sit up.  I am looking at food a little different as well.  Being thankful that I have enough food to nourish my body and give me fuel, being blessed enough to be able to choose fresh fruits and veggies, and enjoying a few bites when I am lucky enough to be faced with a sweet treat.  I am actually looking forward to donating some money as a reward for my success.  It really feels good.

OK Tell Me Why Tuesday's coming up!! (I really need to learn how to make blog buttons)

1.  Why does my new challenge constantly remind me of a line in Dirty Dancing?  The Dad: Robbie, Baby wants to send her leftover pot roast to Southeast Asia so anything she doesn't finish wrap up.  Max, our Baby is going to change the world.  #thefinecinamaticmoviesoftheeighty'salwaysstickwithyou

2.  Why does Superhero day at camp make me want to go back to bed? #mamadoesn'tlookgoodintights

3.  Why does choosing to learn how to make a necklace appeal to me more than buying one? #thewordeasyisnotinmyvocabulary

4.  Why is running 5 miles way easier than swimming 2 laps?  #didimentionihavealeadbutt

5.  Why am I relatively calm about my upcoming nuptials? #moreexcitedaboutthemarriagethanthewedding

6.  Why do I constantly volunteer to coordinate (translate do) the two hardest jobs at camp, the entire camp treasure hunt AND Camp's Got Talent? #thewordeasyisnotinmyvocabulary

7.  Why does the shinning sun this morning make me oh so very happy? #junegloomisover

8.  Why do giggling girls in bunk beds when they should be sleeping make me smile? #momentsofhappinesstolastalifetime

9.  Why am I NOT looking forward to Friday, I mean it is FRIDAY for Pete's sake? #notdisneylandagain #oursarahisgoinghome, #onehundredandtwotemps

10.  Why is the fact that The Bug joining my challenge make me oh so very happy? #partneringinachallengesmeanssuccess OR #someoneactuallyreadsmyblog

More Later

- A Ro

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 365 Week 28

Hopefully this week Blogger will be nice to me and a) post the post as it previews and b) get rid of the autospell yellow highlight.  Maybe too much to ask since all of my technology is going haywire. Even my Words with Friends keeps all my tiles in my queue even when I use them.  I am going to attribute it to my magnetic personality...ha ha.

Be sure to check out my Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Challenge.  It is something we all can do to help ourselves and help others at the same time.

Without further is my fabulous week 28


Fourth of July at the Park

Even though we moved away from Simi Valley we decided to park in our old neighborhood and walk to the park for fireworks.  Our good friends still go there and it is really the best place to watch fireworks and play around before.  Rich, Andrew, S and Bella went to throw the ball around before hand.  The fireworks were spectacular and with S and I both cuddled up to Rich he was in heaven.  A great night.


Tuckered Out

Even though I had tons of pictures from our trip to California Adventure, this one was the one I HAD to choose.  I missed the shot of S sleeping with her head on top of Bellas.  They were so cute all cuddled up.  They have really taken to each other this trip.  Really starting to act like step sisters.  Many people at camp comment on how much S likes Bella and vice versa.  We had a great day.  Not too crowded and not hot at all. 


Go Bella Go!!

Today at camp we had a rock wall.  Bella had never done it before and she wasn't sure she wanted to try, but it looked like so much fun so she buckled in and started up.  About halfway up she wanted to stop but with a couple of "you can do it Bella" she kept going.  She was almost to the top and said that she couldn't go any further and I hollered up to her that she did really good.  But she wanted to reach the very top so she sat for a minute, took a deep breath and continued to the top.  When I grow up I want to be just like her!!


Bright Child

Our field trip today was to a big huge indoor playground.  In the snack bar area I saw this sign and it cracked me up.  Picturing a bunch of people in ties and suit throwing balls at each other, sliding down the slides, and jumping in the ball pit.  I'd volunteer to work that one.


Puppy Petting Day

We had puppies on campus today.  One of Bella's favorite days.  She loves her puppies.


Happy Birthday Rich??

Yes I know it seems as though this should be MY birthday bag, but sadly it is Rich's.  He wanted these cool sandal shoes so I just HAD to go to DSW and do some birthday shopping, and no I didn't even get one pair for me...even though I looked hard.  We had a nice birthday dinner and ice cream.


Fire Fire Fire

Another fire pit night.  S and Bella wanted to have a fire pit so we got out the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate and had another fun night around the fire pit.  It was a perfect cool night for this event.

In Summary:  I am having a hard time dealing with being thrown under the bus, so to speak .  My therapist says it is very normal for kids to do that when they feel they need to align with one parent, but it is still hard to take.  The only solice is that I really feel the truth, and the ultimate judge knows the truth too.   He sees what really goes on and is blessing us with wonderful memories that will carry us through the next couple of months.  I also know that she knows the truth too and one day she will have the courage to speak it.  One day.

More Later

- A Ro
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