Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice Cream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream

What is it about ice cream that really unites us. I really can't think of anybody that doesn't like ice cream...and especially Baskin Robins I mean who can't find an ice cream they like when the store has 31 flavors...c'mon people.
Well last night was the annual 31 cent night at Baskin Robins benefiting the Ventura County firefighters and it happened to fall on a Wednesday which at our house is our night to go out for ice cream...a long standing tradition. if you come to my house be prepared for Wednesday night ice cream...just warning ya
And really there is no substitute in my kids eyes...Baskin Robins is it...and it has nothing to do with the fact that Andrew's 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Baskin, and Isabella's 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Robins.
...only my children would put those two things together.
Anyway we live withing walking distance of our local Baskin Robins which is really nice. On a nice last night...the kids don their helmets and scooters and GS and I hold hands and enjoy the night air...well it doesn't go AS smoothly as that...I usually get...
"Do I have to wear my helmet...I mean it ONLY takes 5 minutes to get there" if there is a magic 'head trauma' to 'time on scooter ratio' I don't know about...geez these kids are LUCKY they have me to keep them safe...
I also get the "Can we PLEEEAAASSEE bring Maggie?" (our dog) even though they know that she literally drags me around and likes to bark and lunge at EVERY dog...
...they have no compassion for their mother...clearly.
Last night I only got helmet attitude once and only one short can we bring Maggie...they were obviously excited about 31 cent night.
Now having been to a 31 cent night I knew what we were in for...

...a very long line.

Funny...the pandemic swine flu doesn't keep people away from 31 cent night...hmmm...see I was right about ice cures all.

We waited patiently...(see he takes off the helmet the second he is able...)...admired the firetruck...

and even tolerated four giggly teenagers in front of us...

Which caused me to ask..."Was I really that giggly at that age?" to which GS replied..."naw you were way more mature than that in high school"...and since he actually knew me back then I relied on his expert testimony...

...but I am pretty sure he is lying. are the friendly firefighters who scooped our ice cream...and according to Andrew he hoped they were better at putting out fires...their scoops were really too small.

...hey we only paid 31 cents for each scoop...and you got three...geez kid cut them some slack.

However, you must cut him some slack because he is used to this kind generous Baskin Robins worker...usually she sees us coming and has his large world class chocolate shake started or already made by the time it is our turn to order...

...sorry for the crappy picture...Andrew about killed me when I tried to get her picture...something about being a crazy stalker mom...thirteen year olds...geez.

...we are a pretty predictable bunch.

More Later

-A Ro

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Did It...I Ran My First 10K!!!!

So today was the first 10K. I was nervous and excited. GS came along and took some pictures. It was a great experience for me. I still can't believe it did it!!! I worked so hard since January and it was an amazing feeling to actually do it.

Here are some pictures:

Lacing up the runnin' shoesFinishing up the first 5KHomestretch...I was sprinting...well as much as I could sprint by this point.Crossing the finish line...1:03...I was under my goal...I wanted to run it in 1:04. I came in 14th out of 23 in my age category...old.

I...need...water...and...this...banana...that's all I need.

At our favorite coffee shop afterwards...a very nice treat!!!

Me and my biggest fan...GS...he was so wonderful and supportive...I couldn't have done it without him....thank you!!!
Well on to the next thing...I think another 10K...and try to get faster.
More later...
-A Ro

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Santa Monica

This is why I hate Los Angeles...three digit concrete paths to hell...

But this is one of the reasons I love Los Angeles....Santa Monica.

GS and I had the day off on the last Friday of my spring kids, no work, nice day...SANTA MONICA. We love the third street promenade. It is a street in downtown Santa Monica that is closed off to traffic and has really neat shops and restaurants. It is also close to the pier...

The only problem with going to Santa Monica have to drive on the freeways to get there. Thankfully GS drove...which doesn't mean I don't get uptight, just not AS uptight. GS is a very calm and cool headed driver...I atribute this to his air traffic controll skills. I mean if you can keep several airplanes from colliding you surely can navigate the freeways of would hope.

It was a nice day...a little chilly and when I mean chilly I mean low 70's

...I know my sense of weather is skewed.

We walked around went to a few stores and a book store, and then went to Hudsons...a really good restaurant by the promenade. We decided to take each other's pictures...
Here is GS...

Here is my makeup less self...I had a makeup for spring break.
What I should have taken a picture of was the good. I had the veggie burger and it was the size of my head...and you have seen my head. Ok Ok...I can't remember what GS had...I was too busy basking in the glory of my head sized veggie burger...maybe GS will remember.

After dinner we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I was excited to get my new favorite drink the Over Iced Tea Latte...Toffiee Rooibos. we were sitting there outside on the patio we noticed this beautiful dog and his owner standing just over the rail. Now I was looking at the dog and GS was looking at the guy...He said to me that he looked familiar I thought so too, but it wasn't until he told me who he thought it was that I said "Oh Yeah...that could be him"

Now GS's co-worker knew who it was almost immediately...not sure how...this camera phone picture is not very good...although the lovely lady in it is one hot mama. Do you know who it is?

Not the hot mama...the guy behind the hot mama...geez.

Now we got a good look at his really hot allbeit fake parts girlfriend...So we went home and looked up the guy we thought it was, and we were right. The reason we knew we were right was because we totally recognized his fake parts girlfriend...It was Jose Canceco. Kinda fun...

...actually I could care less...not celeb crazy.
I do, however, love people watching...just love it, and Santa Monica is a good place to people watch. There are "performers" all over the promenade, and when I mean performers I mean people who can do something unusual. There is a guy who makes himself all silver. Silver clothes, hair and makeup. He does so me sort of dancing...quite frankly...he totally creeps me out. Then you have the various acrobats...singers...guitarists...and magicians. I really don't like to stop and be the "crowd"...but they facinate me. Do they really make money at this? Do they have other jobs? Are they just everyday people who could be your neighbors?

...I just hope the silver guy doesn't live next to me...

More Later

-A Ro

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Hate the Internet....

...ok not really, actually I can't live without it. The old saying is true that you don't know what you've got until its gone...and boy is it gone, and boy do I miss it.

I am talking about my Internet at home. So as you can see I have not been blogging so much lately, because I have to work...geez people do you think that I just sit around all day and blog...

Well as you can see I am not working at the moment...


But I really felt the need to tell you all about my Internet woes.

It started last Sunday night. Andrew was complaining that his i-touch was not picking up the Internet...and truth be told I wasn't really listening to his complaint at the time...well he is 13 and really most of what comes out of his mouth is a am sure you understand.

Anyway Monday I got home from work...and being that it was the first day back after spring break I was absolutely EXHAUSTED...and it isn't like I haul steel or anything, but I guess teaching middle schoolers (who are also just back from spring break) could be considered a contact sport. Although a good friend of mine compares teaching middle school with herding cats, and let me tell you that can be tiring. Well the Internet was down so, of course, I just start turning things off and on...because anyone knows that is the magic way to fix computers....otherwise known as re-boot.

Let me tell you people, with all the trouble I have had with trying to get my Internet fixed I want to give my ISP a re-boot right where the sun don't shine.

First of all I just love how they send you to their website to solve your Internet problems...

...OK people it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if I am having Internet problems I can't access their website.


So thankfully I have Internet at work so I got on their website which kept asking me what kind of operating system I am running and what version of Internet explorer I have. Am I the only person who doesn't have that stuff memorized? and do I need to remind them that I am not at my home computer accessing their website, because my problem is NO INTERNET...geez.

So I finally work my way through an amazing amount of troubleshooting screens and when I say an amazing amount I mean 20 minutes no avail. So finally I fill out a customer support form and they say that someone will contact me within 24 business hours. Now I know that sounds like a quick turn around but 24 BUSINESS HOURS is around 3 days...

3 DAYS??? Do they not know that I need my facebook, e-mail, and blogs to get through my day??

Thankfully I have hero. He takes it upon himself to call said ISP, and spends about 30 minutes on the phone with various techies and still no Internet...but don't worry they will call us back tonight around 8:00 pm...

...I am not going to hold my breath.

More Later (hopefully)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Red's BBQ

After a day of baking...and I mean a day...9:00 am to 4:30...GS and I looked around the kitchen and decided that cooking dinner was not in the cards.

...which means I looked around the kitchen and said "There aint no way in heck I am cooking go to Reds" (Which was funny because GS was going to grill pork chops so I really didn't have much to cook anyway)

However, it doesn't take much for me to talk GS into going to fact just saying the word Reds causes him to grab his wallet, head out the door, and get in the car.

Now GS and I go to Red's much more than my kids this was a real treat for them, and they were excited.

So here are the top 10 reasons we love Red's BBQ. (This is not a shameful endorsement for Red's BBQ...they don't know who I am...OK maybe they know me as the girl who always gets the Tuesday special, double veggies, no tomatoes on the salad...but not me as A-Ro.

10 - Those OH so YUMMY hot, fresh, Parmesan rolls they bring you after you sit down. I am serious the four of us ate 10 of them.

9 - The very friendly staff...they have a very slow turn over so we really get to know them...especially when we frequent the joint as much as we do.

8 - The salads...if you are looking for something not so animal may I suggest the BBQ chopped chicken salad, or the tri tip salad (with artichoke hearts and avocado) OMG YUM

7 - The ranch dressing. I know what you are good could ranch dressing be...let me tell is "go right now hop on a plane, get to LAX take a taxi to Simi Valley Red's" good...

6 - The atmosphere...very nice calm place, dark woods and homey feeling. Homey is good when you are looking for a restaurant...not necessarily when looking for a mate...just a piece of free advice.

5 - Now I am not a baby back ribs kind of gal so this one is for Andrew. He could eat his weight in baby back ribs...I am sure of it. Red's has very good baby back ribs.

4 - The coloring contest...this one is for Bella. They do a monthly coloring she has never won, but she is just always sure, every month, that the $20 gift certificate is hers...we are still waiting.

3 - The family of four can eat for under $50 with tip, and have leftovers. GS and I can eat for under $30 with leftovers. It is a deal.

2 - The Tuesday special. Half BBQ chicken and petite tri tip. It comes with dinner salad...did I mention the ranch dressing?, choice of two sides. I get two sides of steamed gotta do what you gotta do when you eat your weight in rolls...did I mention the hot, fresh, Parmesan rolls?
And the number 1 reason we love Red's...


Here are some pics from our latest trip to laughing at me, at least I changed my was covered in buttercream frosting, food coloring, and flour. I also forgot my camera so these are taking with GS's camera phone...I know I know forgetting my camera...unforgivable.

GS and Andrew trying to look like dudes...
Me and my Bella...
Andrew's membership to the clean plate club...well he did give his veggies, salad, and mashed potatoes to his membership to the "I only eat tasty animals, and Parmesan rolls" club...sorry PETA. We could have shaved the kids meal off of our bill but Bella REALLY wanted the buttered noodles...I know...she would do well in a third world country.

...not me I need my Reds...

More Later
- A-Ro

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Call Me Grace

Well it happened...I knew it would, hoped it wouldn't, but knowing me... was inevitable.

I fell running this morning. I was entering the sixth mile of my run. I was coming to a dreaded stoplight, the stoplight was red so I was slowing down, but then it turned green and I started speeding up. The speed adjustment and the curb didn't agree with me and down I went. I fell...

...bit the dust
...ate dirt
...went boom boom
...took a header
...ate pavement...good fiber
...went ass over appetite (that was my dad's favorite)
...I've fallen and I can't get up

I think you get the picture, but in case you didn't here are some pictures (thank you Andrew and Bell for taking the pictures)

Now I must warn you there is a little blood involved in these pictures...and I am not posting them to gross you out, I am posting them to document the klutz that I am.

My I hit my head blood went everywhere...and I had to use my shirt to stop the bleeding as I walked home. I am certain people driving by me thought I was a walking crime scene...however no one stopped to see if I was OK, except for the guy who saw me fall...and got out of his car to help me up and to tell me that I was bleeding, to which I replied "I know"...I didn't have much to say except "I live close" "Thanks for stopping to help me"

Here is my gaping head wound, and as you can see the small goose egg above it...the one thing I was thinking as I walked home was boy that's going to leave a mark. As I was walking I was sure that the entire side of my face was you know it always seems worse until you get a good look at it...I wonder if I need stitches??? I hate that mole, by the way.
my road rash
the goose egg on my left knee

my hands...these hurt the most

As I was walking home I called GS, who was already at work, he switched hours and I was so happy. This meant he could be here for Easter dinner and the Easter egg hunt. However, he wasn't at home to nurse my wounds. I almost didn't call him because I didn't want to worry him and I knew there was nothing he could do about it from work...

...well at least that was what I thought. He definitely earned his GS standing. He was appropriately worried, appropriately caring, appropriately encouraging, and stayed on the phone with me until I got home. He also understood my grief when I exclaimed (in tears) "I didn't even get to finish my run"

...OK maybe I am a true runner


More Later


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baking with Bella

It seems to me that whenever Bella and I are bored we bake. I know not a very smart activity for a woman who is trying to shed the last 15 pounds...especially one who loves buttercream frosting oh so much.

Well Bella and I made flower sugar cookies:

I know it looks like radioactive cookies...maybe a little too much food coloring.

And we made these ADORABLE cake pops. They are in the shapes of chicks, bunnies, and Easter case you couldn't tell. They are a cake/frosting middle with a chocolate coating. I got the idea from a blogger called Bakerella. I would be able to link her site to mine if I would just finish the book I bought:
This is how they turned out...

Tooo darn cute...I mean look at the rear end of that bunny...

We had so much fun...well Bella and I had fun for about the first 20 or so...but after that I was just was hoping the fun would end.

...especially when Bella yelled "I'm goin' outside call me when you are done"....60 cake pops...

...sounded like a real good number at 10:00 am...not so much at 4:30 pm.

Thankfully GS was off that day and helped clean up the ENORMOUS mess. And took us out to Reds BBQ for dinner...YEA GS and REDS!!!!!

This was Bella's favorite one...she liked it because it had a crack on the backside that looked like a butt...I decided, wisely, not to post a picture.

...The apple didn't fall too far from the tree I tell you.

She named it Mr. Puff Puff. It is the only one left in the Styrofoam block. If I didn't intervene Mr. Puff Puff would sit there until he rotted. I'll have to start thinking now of a believable excuse for why he is gone. Once attached she won't give in...or forget.

...I wonder if my therapist takes kids...

More Later

- A Ro

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last night was the first night that I didn't have my kids during this spring break. Now I absolutely adore my kids, I love hanging out with them. They are fun and entertaining, and I really do miss them when they are gone.


I sometimes can't wait to have sometime without them. I know that is a luxury that most moms don't get...and I don't recommend going through what I went through to get it...

...there must be a better way....and a cheaper way too, I might add.

Anyway I thought I'd share the last 24 hours without my kidlets.

Andrew went with his dad on Monday night so they could watch the final four game know manly stuff...(truth be told I am a huge sports fan, but that final four game was not for they can have it)...So Bella, GS, and I watched our all time favorite show Chuck...I just LOVE Chuck. If you haven't seen it, I'd say go watch it, but it might be too late for this season...anyway great show.

I took Bella to her dads yesterday and then did the following things:

1. Walked around the mall without hearing "Mom, do we HAVE to go into THIS store", or the blackmail tactic "OK I'll look at clothes if we get to go to the video game store next"...I was very happy spent two of my gift cards and got a pair of new shoes, and some makeup brushes...if my kids were there I would have come away with nada.

2. Stopped at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the way home for my Pure Vanilla no sugar added blended drink and spending only $3.50 instead of $11.00 when we are all together. BTW the lady, or should I say young girl, who made my drink was upset about something, bitching and moaning the entire time she made my drink and then slammed it on the counter without a word...OK I don't care how upset you are if your job is customer service you need get a hold of yourself and at least smile at me and say SOMETHING nice...geez.

3. Drove home with a constant brain freeze...I just can't drink or eat anything slowly...this why I always have a brain freeze, or a burnt mouth...patience...I know...this is also why I can't lose any more weight...instant's the way I roll.

4. This is the best part...I got home and started dinner for GS and I. Now usually I have to fix what GS and I will eat which is full of veggies and good food and modify the dinner for the kidlets...they are both picky eaters in their own obscure way (it would be too easy for them to be picky eaters in the SAME way). BUT tonight I just cooked for me and GS. I made a Southwestern Shrimp chowder...a recipe from Cooking Light, and spinach sandwiches, a recipe from my ex mother in law. A very yummy, healthy dinner for GS and myself and a very nightmarish dinner for my kidlets...but oh yeah...they weren't home.

5. GS and I went and ran office, bank, frozen yogurt...and we were in no hurry...cause once kids.

6. I went to bed early and did not have to get up at any particular time to fix hungry children breakfast.

7. Got up at my leisure...went for my run...and now am sitting down to the computer to do whatever I want...and I don't have to share it with a fantasy baseball following son, or a Webkinz playing girl...all mine...I say all mine. To blog, facebook, or whatever I darn well please.

8. And soon I am going to fix myself a bowl of leftover goodness...and without the smell of chicken nuggets in the air.

ahhh life is good...

...and I can't wait for them to come home.

More later

-A Ro

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Cupcakes...

Well we are entering week two of our spring break...and I know I should feel lucky to have two weeks off, and don't get me wrong I love my two weeks off, but I do have kids who also have two weeks off plus the overwhelming job of avoiding the "Mom, I'm bored" nonsense. Now they are two great kids who really do know how to entertain themselves so...ok, ok here's the truth...

...I'm bored.

So I was reading my favorite blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (now this is not a shameful plug...she has no idea who I am)

Anyway she did these great fondant covered cupcakes and they looked like so much fun...If you don't know what fondant is it is a kind of icing that you roll out and color and very much like edible playdough for adults...and if you don't know who Pioneer Woman is she is very much like Sesame Street for adults...lots of great information and just as many laughs...I suggest you check her out...again she has no idea who I am.

So I thought I would share with you (all three of you) Isabella and my experience with fondant covered cupcakes...and by the way I felt very much like Martha Stewart today...kinda scary.

First you make the PW (Pioneer Woman) has this amazing chocolate cupcake recipe...I have my own favorite recipe...
It's called Betty I didn't say I aspire to be Pioneer Woman...I just like her.

So you make the cupcakes according to the box direction...and you do need don't be like me and go out and get all the stuff for these amazing cupcakes but then come home and realize that the cupcake mix needs eggs and have to go back to the store...just don't.

Well you know my whole can't have caffeine trauma...(if you don't you can read a couple of blogs back and find out the awful truth) so I picked chocolate cupcakes because I can't eat chocolate...

...I aint no dumb guy.

Chocolate, what chocolate?? I didn't lick the bowl...I don't know what you are talking about.

Then you make the buttercream helps the fondant stick to the cupcake...

This is a 1/2 batch...I knew i only needed a little bit...and left over frosting...well let me just say

...I aint no dumb guy.

Buttercream Frosting

1 stick butter
1 t. vanilla
1 pound of powdered sugar
heavy cream

1. Cream butter and vanilla
2. Mix with mixer adding powdered sugar a little at a time.
3. Add cream very slowly until desired consistency.

So you have to ice the cupcakes with a little buttercream frosting...the fondant will stick better...only ice one at a time right before you put on the fondant on (a few pictures down)...also make sure the cupcakes are completely cool first.

Here comes the fun fondant...I never have worked with it but I do watch Ace of Cakes so I felt like I was already pre qualified...
This is PW said there are a lot of different brands of fondant in crafting stores, but I live in the little known city of Los Angeles and this was the ONLY brand I could find...I know it is what I get for living in such a small town.

Isabella and I picked out 8 different food colors so we divided the fondant into 8 pieces...

...we aint no dumb guys.

I use Wilson's gel food coloring for all my baking needs (no they don't know me either) doesn't water down your we took a couple of toothpicks of icing and put it on the piece of fondant.

Then you work it...twist it...squish it...
...knead it...and knead it...or is it kneed it...I know their is a 'k'...just not sure of the other will "kneed" (ha ha) a little bit of cornstarch to keep it from sticking...

then roll it...pretty I don't know how thin...geez I am channeling Martha Stewert not Albert that I think of it Martha would know that answer...ok I just don't know...get over it.
then you cut out a circle using a circle cutter just bigger than the circumfrance of your cupcake...see I used the word circumfrance, aren't you impressed...but I did have to think a minute if that was the right word...pretty sure it is.
Then you put the cut out piece on your hand and put the cupcake on top.
Using the inside of your hands wrap the colored fondant circle around the cupcake.

Here are all the colors we used and a cupcake of each (and some tennis balls why they are there I don't know)...Bella's display works very nicely. You will need to roll up the fondant when you are done with it and cover it, so it doesn't dry out.

We then used various cookie cutters to make our designs...the end result looks like this...

Aren't those just the darndest, cutest things you have ever seen...

Now we don't know how the cupcakes taste...cuz they were just too cute to eat. GS's one is the blue one that looks like it has a boob on it...purely by accident I can assure you...I would never do something like that...geez.

We put some in the fridge to give to her teachers when we go back to school...we'll let you know if they I have never used fondant before let along test its refridgerator life. I'll let Bella and GS tell you how they taste...Andrew hates all things cake and things that look like playdough so he'll never know...and I made chocolate cupcakes so I'll never know.

...I aint no dumb guy.

More later

- A Ro

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anatomy of a Six Mile Run

Well today was the day that I was scheduled to run 6 miles...and I DID IT!!!! I ran 6 miles...outside...I still can't believe it. So in honor of my 6 mile run I decided to walk you through it...or should I you through it...get it...get it...OK enough.

ANYWAY...So the things in italics are my thoughts...of course I didn't say anything out loud...

I hope...

First my running play is on random and usually I just let it go...

1. Elevation - this song...great to run to.
2. 4 Minutes - Justin Timberlake and Madonna
3. Closer - Nine Inch Nails...I skipped this song...too many bad words.
4. It's Not Over - Daughtry...skipped this song too...tired of it.
5. Butterflies and Hurricanes - of my students did this song for his CD project and I love it a real hard driving song.
6. Check On It - Beyonce...great running song.
7. Only - Nine Inch Nails...skipped this one too...geez what is it with NIN...
8. Crashed - Daughtry...let it play...this song and I go way back.
9. Wind it Up - Gwen Stefani...
10. Vehicle - Bo Bice...long lost American Idol winner but this song is so...GROOVY
11. Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5
12. Somebody Like You - Keith Urban...just a great happy good to be alive song
13. Love Machine - Oh Yeah...
14. All My Life - Foo Fighters...good beat...strong rhythms
15. What About Now - Daughtry..skipped...I could only handle one Daughtry song.
16. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Sefani...good beat
17. Hey Ya - Outkast...I think I might have sang outloud for this one.
18. Don't Stop - Michael Jackson...needed this title about this time...good call, random
19. The Bird - Morris Day and the Time...remember the movie Purple Rain...good song.
20. Switch - Will Smith...another good song
21. Black Suits Comin' - another Will Smith song

Two Will Smith songs to end the run...lucky me.

The whole run took 1:05...I know kinda slow but...I DID IT!!!

Here goes:
Laced shoes, stretched, started heart rate monitor, started i-pod...and took off...not too fast but not too slow just a good pace.

The first mile
- ok legs feelin a little like a lead posts...I'm sure that they will loosen up...they always do. A little chilly...glad I have my sweatshirt on...boy what a sunshiny beautiful day. ok here comes a slight hill...deep breath and get up it. Phew...that is done

OH MY GOSH IT'S HOT...why did I wear a sweatshirt. I really love this sweatshirt...if I just leave it in someone's driveway will I regret it later? Maybe I can just tie it around my that would drive me crazy...hey in a little bit I'll pass a fence post that I will pass again at the end of my run...I'll just leave it there and pick it up on the way back...WOW great idea. Geez do people really run their sprinklers at 8:30 in the morning. Do they realize that the sun will just burn their grass? OK another slight goes.

Geez...a Daughtry song...alright already...gotta skip it. OOOH a Muse song and a long one...this should be good...

Ok gotta lose the sweatshirt...not much breeze today...I'm gonna overheat if I keep it on. Ok downhill a little and then the fence post. Can I throw it over the fencepost without a) stopping or b) it going completely over the fence....Ok here good toss...perfect. I wonder if it will be there when I finish.

No lie I thought about the fencepost and my sweatshirt the entire last 1/2 joke...I know I need to call my therapist.

The second mile -
this one of the longest stretch of the run a completely straight long street big deep breath here goes. ooh I love this song (Check on It) Rosie Perez on the David Letterman show told a story about how she was on the treadmill and started dancing to this song and she fell off the treadmill and twisted her ankle...ha ha funny story...

wow what a beautiful day look at the mountains and the sun is shining this run feels good...oh no my nose is running...I can't sniff fast enough...Ok I am going to have to wipe my nose on my shirt...ok here goes...I hope no one is watching. Wow that is gross...I can't believe I just wiped my nose on my shirt...what am I two?? No... gosh darn it I am a runner...I could have just done a farmer blow (you know blow your nose out on the ground) no I can't do that my ex step dad used to do that and it totally grossed me out...nope shirt it is.

uh oh here comes the first light I am going to have to cross the busy I going to get a green light? am I going to have to stop? am I going to have to do that weird little running standing still thing...oh it comes...geez gotta stop...should I do jumping jacks or run in place...I look stupid...geez there goes my nose again.

The third mile -
phew made it across the street and turned the is a nice short street...oh my gosh that is that a headwind??? Geez it is like I am running up hill...oh look there is Jo Anns...I need about a hundred things in there...what is that smell?? Must be the Mission Burrito...geez I have never eaten there before...
I wonder if it is good.

"I'm your vehicle baby...I'll take you anywhere you want to go...I love ya, need ya, got to want to have your child" that what he really says got to want to have your child??? that doesn't make any sense... I'll have to look it up when I get home.

I wonder if GS is on his way to the gym yet...maybe he'll drive by and give me a honk...I hope not it would scare me to death...and then I would fall...geez what if I fell right now...ok did I just jinx myself...oh there is the car wash place...I need to wash my car.

The fourth mile -
Ok this wind is driving me can it be in my face running north and in my face running I have the backside of the long street...phew I think I can make it...feel pretty good...

geez this street has a lot of driveways...too many cars going in and out...I hope I don't get hit...boy people are pretty nice...they always go out of their way not to interrupt my nice I hope I don't gross anyone out by blowing my nose on my SHIRT...

"I'm just a love machine, and I won't work for nobody but you...ah ah ah...I'm just a love machine...hmm hmm hmm...I wonder what they are saying there...oh my favorite part ooh ooh ooh yeah...

here comes the next street to cross...oh my gosh another light...another running in place looking like I am doing the pee pee dance...finally here we go...

The fifth mile

I think I am gonna die

The sixth mile

Ok got second wind...I think I just might make it...I wonder if my sweatshirt is still there...what am I going to have for breakfast. I really would like a Starbucks iced passion tea...boy does THAT sound good. Oh here comes another runner coming towards me...I wonder if he will say hi, or smile. I don't care I am going to do the put the hand up wave and smile. Here he comes...phew he smiled and put his hand up too...a sort of kinship among runners...geez that is what I am...a runner. I think that running 6 miles makes me a runner...whether I like it or not.

Here is the end...phew there is my sweatshirt

...I think I'll run just a bit further...just in case I calculated wrong.

...I know I'm crazy.

More Later

- A Ro

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Big Garage Cleanout

So last Friday was the day. The day the garage got cleaned out...we paid our $100 for the big dumpster...and by big I mean...not so big. Geez for $100 bucks I expected dumpster valet service...this is what we got...

But as you can see...we know how to stuff junk.

GS and I were totally psyched to clean out this garage...we talked about it for days...couldn't wait for the dumpster to be delivered. Friday came and we were ready...

As you can see I am so makeup...just ran 4 miles...don't care...

GS with a big ready to go smile.

Big ready to clean the first picture was after I drug a bunch of crap into the middle of the really not a fair "before" picture but I forgot to take a real "before" picture.

...I know that you are thinking...a true "blogger" would have taken a real "before" picture.

...did I mention how excited I was to get started.

Isabella got all dressed with shoes and a sweatshirt...when she has shoes and a sweatshirt you know she is in for the long haul......she was a huge help, and only a few times did she say...PLEASE don't throw that arch of cows is beautiful...we must keep it. So here it sits...beautiful. At least she didn't pitch a fit when we threw away the Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag, or the bag of stuffed animals...oh wait she doesn't know about those...never mind.

Anyway...I did sit and look at the mess, and the hardest part was deciding where to start. GS started outside where we had shelves...big metal shelves. We (and when I say we I mean my ex husband) got the shelves from a friend who was closing down a store...this was one of those moments when we (he) should have said "no thank you" when our friend asked us if we (he) wanted three tons of metal shelves. But no...we (he) thought...hey they are free, of course we (he) will use them. Well the free shelves went into the $100 dumpster...the moral of the story is my friends...just say no. (Ok, ok...he can't take all the blame...I did sit by and let him do it...)

I started in the garage armed with a broom and new work gloves...started by the door to the house...logical place to start since I was indecisive...threw away at least three old mops...what is it about mops? Why do we keep the old mop when we get a new one?....more importantly why is it so darn hard to find a mop head replacement?

...but I digress...just as I did in the garage. I must have attention deficit disorder. I just kept jumping from area to area...first the sports equipment area...then the laundry area....then the storage area. Reminiscing over every old photo album.

...I know, I know they shouldn't be in the garage...and now they aren't ok...geez

I found Andrew's old school work, my yearbooks. GS, I am sure, got very tired of hearing..."Hey come look at this"... Surprisingly we got it all done. GS came in and worked hard on the tool shed and finally got everything put in its proper place...and let me tell you the world is a better place when things are in their proper place.Is California the only place where people have their washer and dryer in their garage??

There is still quite a bit of stuff in the garage, but now at least I a) know where most everything is, b) can do laundry without having to move a half dozen things first, c) get into the cars in the garage instead of having to pull out first d) don't have to worry about emergency room visits because of black widow spider bites just to get the soccer ball out of the bin, and e) hammer nails into the walls with the heel of my shoe because I can't find a hammer (c'mon ladies you know EXACTLY what I mean) is good, there is harmony in the universe, and only two black widow spiders lost their lives for the good of the cause...ewwww.

More Later

- A Ro