Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is up the all this 3D?

GS's daughter and I went to see Up in 3D and watching the previews I noticed that every movie is now with new 3D technology...

I think this is just a ploy to get everyone to pay $4.00 more and get us to wear silly glasses. However, these glasses aren't the same red and blue cardboard glasses that I wore as a kid. We looked sooo funny... I don't mind so much the funky new glasses...

The movie was good...we had fun!!!

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- A Ro

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This stands for Drink Beer Watch Fire...and GS is pretty sure that this what men like to do, so it would seem that the perfect present for him would be a fire that is what I got him.

We fired it up...get it...fired it up...

...hmmph obviously you have no sense of humor.

We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores...Our sons played pyromaniacs and just put the sticks and wire hangers in to see what they would do...should I be worried??
GS likes them as black as he can get them...I like them melty and brown...I am telling you that roasting marshmallows is an art...

I am pretty sure Bella is in agreement with me that it should be EMWF.

...Eat Marshmallows Watch Fire.

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- A Ro

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to You...cha cha cha

So is the cha cha cha something that we added to the Birthday song right under my nose?? When I was little there was no cha cha all of the sudden we have this addition that everyone knows goes along the same lines as the endless ending..."and many more...on channel four...with scooby doo...on channel two..." Geez is nothing sacred anymore??

By the way Mildred and Patty Hill would not be happy about this.

Thanks for listening...

So GS turned 41...and we took him to his favorite restaurant Maggianos. Boy was it good.

It was nice having all of us together.You would think that having such gorgeous kids they would know how to take a picture...

It would be safe to say that it was a good birthday, having all of us together.I am pretty sure this is Sarah...doing the cha cha cha part.

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- A Ro

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Old Friends

Facebook has done a lot for my quality of life...some good...some bad.

...actually I haven't had any bads, but it seems like I'd be the only one who isn't addicted to Facebook, and I hate being on the other side of trends...good or bad.

Anyway I found (or he found me), my good friend Chad because of Facebook. He is one of those friends that comes into a season of your life, makes an impact, and then leaves like the cool days of fall...

...did you like my poetic waxing??

This particular season of my life was my graduate years at the University of Arizona.

So many people do that you know...come and go like seasons of your life, and then life takes you places they cannot go...and through life changes you lose touch...

The good news is some friends can lose touch and have one evening of dinner and coffee (tea for me...yeah can't have caffiene) and feel like you never lost touch, even though it has been about 15 years since you last talked.

Some things have changed...we are both, dare I say it, older. We worry about paychecks instead of who made it into which cast or which choir. Our social lives have changed from hanging out at Geronimos to traveling for work (Chad) and shleping kids (me). But our core personalities have not changed, and that is what stoked our friendship in college, and what makes us be able to have a wonderful evening older and wiser.

Thank you Facebook!!

More later

- A Ro

Monday, July 6, 2009

Backyard Baseball

Some people just look like baseball players...
They just make it look so easy...

They pick up a bat and just know what to do...

Some people are just meant to play baseball...

Some are not...

...and some would rather hoola hoop...
I should take her lead...

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-A Ro

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Traditional Fourth of July

It is funny to me how most of my Fourth of July's have turned out. Somethings never change like the firework show, being with friends and families, and thankfully having the day off. We all lay on blankets and oooh and aaah over the display. During the show we always talk about which ones are our favorites. Mine are the ones that start out one way and then do something an extra burst...or a sudden pop...or the ones that start out a color and turn to gold dust. Andrew likes the ones that wiggle all over the sky, and Isabella likes the colorful and bright ones. For the last 4 years we have eaten dinner at home, usually BBQ, and walked to the park about 5 minutes away to see the show. For the last 2 years GS has joined us.

This year was a little different. We ate dinner, but I made Mexican...GS had to work a 10 hour shift in the tower so I didn't want him to have to come home and BBQ. I don't BBQ, in fact the last time I did we ended up eating hours after planned. GS's sister Suzi was with us and GS's was a great night having everyone here. We also brought poppers to the park...they were fun, but what was more fun was taking pictures of every body's faces before they went off:Andrew trying to be cool and not make a face.

I was very blessed this fourth.

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-A Ro

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

GS's sister came into town on Thursday for the weekend. This is the sister that I saw when I went to Oklahoma, and if I had gotten around to reading "Dummies Guide to Blogging" I would know how to link to that entry, but I didn' I can' you'll just have to trust me on this one.

We decided to go to an Anaheim Angels game last night. It was something that all seven of us could do together. It was a really fun evening. The only drawback was that we had to drive on two, I tell you TWO "three digit concrete paths to hell" to get there...over two hours worth, and you know how much I LOVE that

...not so much.

And again if I would have read my book, I would have been able to link to that entry...but again I didn' I can' you'll just have to trust me on this one, as well.

However, I need to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to those of you riding in my car, to those of you riding in the other car to which I was being broadcast over the blue tooth, those fellow travelers of the 5 freeway south, and to the people I was battling to get out of the crazy, overcrowded parking lot... I just get out of my mind with grouchiness and nastiness when I have to drive in traffic...I know it is a fault...I will try to work on it, though it might take some shock therapy to break through my extreme case of road rage...

...again I am so very sorry.

We got their kind of early so that we could avoid traffic...

...note to self avoiding traffic in Los Angeles is like winning the wish, you hope, you get disappointed...

So we went to eat an early dinner at Denny's before heading to the ballpark.
GS and his daughter at Denny's she has such a beautiful smile.

It was a beautiful evening...really perfect. We had good seats:
Everyone had a great time at the gameAndrew keeping score...well actually he is pretending to keep score...I forced him to pose...he hates pictures...I think I promised him frozen lemonade if he would play nice...gotta love teenagers!!!
GS explaining the details of the great game of baseball.
My Bella watching intently to see which pitch the pitcher will ball, slider, or knuckle ball...oh wait...that isn't what she is doing at all...she is deciding which hairstyle to give her client while playing Sally Salon on her DS...

...well at least she is happy.

I must tell you that sappy old me can't even get through a ballgame without shedding a few tears. The guy that sang the national anthem was AMAZING...and being a singer myself I am over critical of national anthem singers...c' know most are really bad...Anyway he was really good and to top it off they had two big army helicopters do a fly over afterwards and it was breathtaking...and I welled up a bit.

And one of the Angel's pitchers died last year at the hands of a drunk driver. There was this memorial out front and it caused me to well up too.Everyone had a good time...Even Bella put down the DS long enough to eat some cotton candy with Aunt Sue...

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-A Ro

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camp Antics

Crazy hair day, water slide, and roller skating rounded out this week.
...I think I work harder at camp than I do during the school year.

My daughter wanted to have the craziest hair. We put it into braids with pipe cleaners and twisted them all up. I don't do crazy hair... is just unbecoming.
I did two pig tail braids....that is as crazy as I get,
...unless you count the time I got up onstage and put a chicken costume on.

...I certainly don't count that.

Then camp rented a big water slide and all the campers got to go down. One of my kids had a blast...and I bet you can't guess which one...

Ok dumb question....of course Bella.

GS's daughter came to camp too and had fun on the slide.

Now again, not my idea of fun...ESPECIALLY at the end of the day when every child has landed in that small cesspool...uh I mean the bottom of the slide.
no thanks I'll get my swine flu the good old fashioned shaking hands with every child as we put them into cars at the end of the day...what do you expect...private school.

The last event of my report is the skating trip...200 kids taking over a skating rink...150 kids who need to get in line for skate rental...50 kids who have never skated before falling and dragging down those poor counselors....25 kids sitting to the side with ice bags by the end of the day...10 counselors wishing they had just a small portion of Michael Jackson's pain meds...too soon for Michael Jackson jokes?? and I guarantee that everyone will be complaining about muscles they didn't know they had.

My former students...

Jacob is really not that much taller than I am ...he has skates on and I don't...although he still is really tall...

Again, not for me...this smart gal was put in charge of snacks and 4 CIT's...I prefer not to be held accountable for crushing to death small children when I fall on top of them at 1 mile per hour.

Am I just an old -fuddy duddy???

Naw I like to think of my self as a women who understands the concept of self preservation.

Again I'll stick to chicken suits and making a fool of myself on stage.

More Later

-A Ro