Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bella's Birthday on a Boat

We were in Arkansas for Isabella's birthday. My sister Kate, my brother in law Dustin, and my mom all pitched in and rented a pontoon boat for four hours. We went to Lake Hamilton which is in Dustin's neck of the woods (see I am in Arkansas, I would never use the saying "neck of the woods" in LA).

Now I know what you are thinking...four hours on a boat in August in, sticky, miserable. Well let me tell you friends it was miserable...just miserable...miserable if miserable means this:or this:or this:
Isabella had a blast. She lounged around. Threw ice in the lake. Put her hair in a ponytail, and if you know Isabella like I do you know that this wouldn't normally be under the "had a blast" category, but Nana did it so...well you know how it goes.

We tooled around the lake for a while then docked, ordered pizza, and ate on the boat. Dustin and Kate got her a cake, and I would show you a picture, but I was holding the cake and not taking pictures so you'll have to wait until I get them off of my mom's camera, which'll never see them. Take my word for it, the cake was yummy, and Bella loved it.

But her very favorite part of the trip was getting to drive the boat, and honk the horn.Do you see how excited she is?? That expression is priceless...Thank you Uncle Dustin!!!

Andrew got to drive the boat too, however his expression is a little more serious than hers.I think he is trying to figure out the aerodynamics of the boat, compared to the engine torque, and how much the tranny comes into play...yada yada yada...

One more picture:How come pregnant women don't like to have their picture taken?? I mean look how beautiful she is...

I guess I was like that too...

More Later

-A Ro

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