Monday, August 10, 2009

I wish...

I realize my limitations and my faults. I really do. I wish certain things were true about me. For instance:
  • I wish I moisturized after washing my face and taking a shower, but usually I am lucky to have enough time to wash my face and take a shower.
  • I wish that I cooked most of my meals from scratch instead of using a box and a can opener. Now I do my share of making meals from scratch, but not nearly enough.
  • I wish that I popped out of bed ready to go when my alarm goes off, instead of needing to hit the snooze button dozens of times.
  • I wish I could keep my kitchen clean...all the time.
  • I wish that the desire to exercise came easy...yeah I know join the club.
  • I wish that I could find the time to blog everyday, I love my blog, I love to read blogs, and I really find writing in my blog makes me happy.
  • On a similar note, I wish that I could find the time to read my Blogging for Dummies book that would help me with more of my blogging maybe a few comments and a bigger following.
  • I wish that I could find the time to scrapbook...I think that I am on year 2004...YIKES.
  • I wish that I didn't love movie theater popcorn and ooey gooey pizza.
  • I wish that cleaning my house was something that I loved doing. I love having a clean house, but the doing part...not so much.
  • I wish that I kept in better touch with all my friends.
  • I wish that I never forgot a birthday.
  • I wish that I did a better job of letting nasty ugly people just slide off my back.
  • I wish that I always knew what to say to my teen age son to make him feel passionate about the importance of school and cello. He's got the baseball passion down all by himself.
  • I wish that I find the words to make my daughter feel beautiful and never give up on anything she wants.
Now before you think that I am just a pessimistic stick in the mud, I do know that I have many talents and lots of things going for me. Most important being:
  • I have a good heart and really care about my family and friends.
  • I am a good teacher who cares deeply for every student that walks through the doors of room own students or not.
  • I want to be better...always.
I am going to tackle each of my wishes one at a time. A new one each week. I'll let you know how it goes.

More Later

- A Ro

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