Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nothin' says Happy Birthday like a little throw up

Oh, are you still reading?

I thought I might have lost all of you at the title...

Well my Bella's birthday it Monday...and we will be in Arkansas visiting my sister, her husband, and her belly, which happens to contain my niece Abby. So we decided to go to our favorite restaurant Reds to celebrate tonight. We pull up at get a killer parking spot right in the front facing the door, and I was so stoked because the place was packed. We got out got our little buzzy thingey that tells you when your table is ready or could be used as a tazer because it always scares the begeezus out of me when it goes off. Andrew suggested that we sit in the car, cause a. it was hot b. we were right in front and c. it was hot. We are not sitting there more than 5 minutes when out comes this curly red headed boy about 3 years old, his mom, and his little brother about 1. When the 3 year old bends over and totally loses his dinner, calls Ralph on the big white phone, sells Buicks, prays to the porcelain god, yawns a rainbow, de foods, calls for HUGH...

Ok Ok I just couldn't resist...but I think you get it.

So we are sitting there just amazed at what happened about 1 foot from the front of my car when his dad comes over to see if he is ok and jumps out of the way just in time for another launch. This poor family...wait a minute what about my poor family just getting ready to sit down to dinner...well it gets better...aka worse.

The Reds guy comes out to clean it up and when I say clean it up I mean brings out a big bucket of water and proceeds to wash the "stuff" right by the doors of my car. Andrew looks out his door and says...I am not ordering the bow tie pasta...

I suddenly have the need to purell my hands...and do so. Hoping that we don't get his booth.

Don't worry we enjoyed our birthday celebration, and nobody hollered at their shoes.

More Later

-A Ro

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