Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girly Girls

For GS's daughter's birthday Bella and I got her a gift certificate to go get her finger and toe nails done. She had never been to a salon to get her nails painted and...well that is just about what everyone does in California.

Everyone except me...I know I just can't justify spending the money on that kind of nonsense...the only nonsense I spend my money on is $4.00 drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf...but that is TOTALLY understandable.

But I must admit that the REAL reason I don't do the pedi/mani thing is the fact that I hate people touching my feet...hate it I tell you. The thought of someone rubbing lotion and scraping skin off of my feet nearly sends me over the took everything I had to stay in my seat while waiting for the girls, as the lady right next to me was getting the full treatment...I'll probably have nightmares. My fingernails are just non existent...being a music teacher, well let's just say my childhood piano teacher kept clippers next to her piano.

Bella, however, loves getting her fingernails and toenails done. With that being said she really thinks of herself as a tomboy. So we got into a big discussion in the car ride over about what a tomboy is. She does like to dress up and look nice, as long as dressing up and looking nice does not require her to brush her hair. That girl acts like I am chopping her head off when I try to brush her hair. She says stuff like "I can't believe how much you like to hurt me"...and "My head feels like you shoved pins in it"..."It feels like you are yanking all of my hair out" Can you say drama queen? Yet she won't get it cut...

Do you see what kind of rock and a hard place that girl puts me in

We convinced her that she was not a tomboy. She is just a girly girl who also likes boy stuff. Very much like her Aunt Kate, who I would have sworn was a tomboy because when she was Bella's age she had her hair cut short and only wore jeans and any free t-shirt she could get her hands on. She would have rather had me pull out all her hair than fix it up in any way that didn't involve a pony tail holder. She, thankfully, has grown up to like girly things too. Little good it does me now...geez Kate.

However, when Bella was sitting in the chair getting her toes done I noticed that she was covered in a thin layer of dirt, mostly on her knees.

I am glad we didn't include the manicurist in on our tomboy discussion....I am sure I know which way she would have voted.

More later

-A Ro

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