Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh Weekend How You Tease

How is it that the weekend holds so much promise on Friday afternoon, on the drive home, but by Monday morning, on the drive in, you wonder where it all went. 

This weekend was no different.  As I am driving home with Bella in tow just back from her trip all a glow with all the fun she had, Rich at home grilling, and an entire weekend ahead of me with "not much to do", I was blissfully happy.  I was especially happy because my wonderful husband had Friday off and did most of our weekly cleaning while I was at work.

This was a great for me because I would much rather teach middle schoolers all day than clean the toilets or vacuum.   Truth be told he probably would rather talk to airplanes than the above mentioned chores, but alas he was off!!

Well my weekend promise bliss quickly ended when I told Bella that we would have to go to Andrew's baseball game the next morning.

Here is the deal...I LOVE baseball...I really do.  Going to a baseball game, for me is just so much fun.  For Bella not so much.  However, here is one of the main reasons why I adore my daughter.  She is visually upset because she has to go to the game but this is what she says with a very whiny voice:  "I don't want to go the game tomorrow, I know that I should be appreciateive that you spent all that money so that I could go to Astro Camp and I should just not complain about going to the game, but I really don't want to go.  I know that I am just grouchy and a little tired so I am just going to hope that by morning I'll be better"

Yeah...she pretty much parents herself.

By the time we got to the game on Saturday morning, after a trip to Starbucks and Western Bagel, she was just fine to be at the game.  I knew she would be.  It was pretty windy, but she grabbed Rich's Navy jacket from the car bundled up and worked all game on her new Ninja-corn comic strip.  Before you jump to the conclusion that a Ninja-corn is super hero Ninja who's super hero costume consists of denim overalls and a pitchfork realize that my daughter's mind works more like a unicorn with Ninja powers.  Now seeing her come up with and draw the idea of a Ninja and a unicorn getting married and having a baby without all the social stigma that would come with such a union warmed my heart and, quite frankly, scared me a little.  But she was enjoying the comic strip process and I was enjoying a complaint free game, so all was good.
I decided that I would try to keep score at the game.  I got myself a baseball score book and re-read all the ins and outs of keeping score quickly realizing that it was very different than what I remembered from my early days of keeping score.  Thich consisted of going to AAA Cubs games in Iowa purchasing the score book and pencil and quickly giving it up when the cotton candy guy came around.  I did pretty good, but started regretting doing it when guys started getting picked off, double plays were happening, and a ground rule double came into play.  Overall, I did pretty good and had fun.

After the game Bella and Andrew went home with their dad and Rich was at work so my Saturday afternoon was a quiet one filled with grocery list making and looking forward to a quiet evening with Rich.  We did dinner, grocery shopping and some couch time.

Sunday started out with a very nice long walk to our favorite breakfast place and some chores.  It was such a gorgeous day that we decided to go put out a blanket and eat lunch at the park across from our house.  When we first started dating we would meet for lunch at a little park in Camarillo and do the very same thing, it was nice to go back to that time once again. 

Sunday evening ended with me baking cookies and watching my Phillies come back and a holler upstairs from Rich telling me I might want to switch to a news station and me whining that my Phillies are coming back to which he replied "you might want to see this". 

I did want to see that. 

To which Bella said "Who is Osama Bin Laden?"

Yeah...she might parent herself, but I think we might just need to fill in some gaps.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Doncha just wish you could "bottle up" wonderful weekends and splash them on you when you're having a not-so-fabulous one? Your Bella sounds very mature, or perhaps she simply knows how to push your buttons. Kids are sooo smart! Hope this weekend is as good as the last one!

  2. My sister keeps score at baseball games. She said that she started doing that when her sons were smaller...it kept her occupied.
    When you stop and think about it: Why would Bella know who OBL was?
    I had just fallen asleep when CH came in and told me to turn on the news.

  3. I love Bella. And I think, in the interest of keeping us all informed, you should show us some of her comic. I'm fascinated by it. You're so right that the weekend is TOO DARN SHORT. And yet I'm often tired of myself by Sunday night so it's good that I can go back to work & annoy other people besides Dr. M and me :)