Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Highlight Reel

Well my school year is slowly wrapping up and things are getting checked off one by one.  The only performances I have left are a lunchtime concert with my Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Middle School Graduation, and Upper School Graduation.

So this weekend was a normal and not so busy.  Thank goodness...I needed some not so busy.

Friday started out as a normal day until we got an email from our principal who told us about one of our parents, Jon Krawczyk, who was going to be at school showing us a sculpture he was commissioned to create that will be placed outside of St. Peter's church in New York City next to ground zero.  It is made out of some fragments of the rubble from the world trade center.  He is making several stops on the way to New York and we were one of the first.  He told us that the shiny surface of the cross is to reflect all the faces that look at it, so as you look at it you will see yourself as part of the tragedy and the healing of that day.

Some of our students are place notes into the cross.  If you want more information here is an article about the cross.  It truly was a sight to see.

This year I was a mentor teacher to our film teacher and Friday night was his big film symposium and premiere of the Film IV's film.  We were all excited to go and we went to our favorite sushi place before hand.  The night was a success and I got to see many of my old students, and many of my students were involved with the movie too.  It was a wonderful evening.

As we were driving home we were stopped at a stoplight.  Our windows were rolled up but Bella noticed the the car just to our right, but slightly ahead of us had her window down and she was smoking.  Now Bella hates it when people smoke so she said to me "Mom that woman should really stop her smoking"...well just as she said that the woman looked right at her and gave her a look.  My girl was mortified.  It cracked me up.

Saturday was the usual.  Cleaning going to the market.  I also got my hair cut and Bella got to swim in a lake.  She was not sure she wanted to, because she is just like me and the thought of slimy water and slimy living things swimming with you just doesn't appeal to us.

Until she did.

I guess the difference between us is obvious...she is brave, I am not.

She did enjoy it.  I still would not.

Sunday was a really cool day as the Amgen Tour of California was in our town, not just in our town but right in front of our street.  We all went outside with our lawn chairs and watched the bicyclers.  It was SO cool.  Even Andrew was impressed, and you know something is cool when the teenager in the group is impressed.

I shot a video of them riding by us with my phone...It was an amazing 14 seconds.

Andrew told me that it would be cool if he could do that.

I guess he is braver than his old mom too.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Kids are ALWAYS braver than Mom - they've not learned to fear yet. Sounds like a great weekend. Loved seeing the Cross sculpture. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  2. yep. i'm not a fan of swimming with slim and creatures either. yet... my kids have me jumping the waves among slimy things and creatures. *shivers* the things we do for our kiddos.