Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project 365 Week 21

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I am joining Sara this week for Project 365.

This week was a busy week, but I got to watch and celebrate my talented kids!!

Take a look:

Sunday May 15:
My Cellist

Andrew had his big Gala Youth Orchestra concert today.  I love watching him play an instrument that he says he really doesn't like to play.  Let me just say...he fools me.

Monday May 16:
My New Friend

My colleague and friend Kim had her Middle School Jazz on the Terrace concert tonight.  She asked me if I would sit with her little boy Josh.  He was so cute and loved just being one of the kids.  We made him a badge, like we all have to wear.  He was so good.

Tuesday May 17:
A Love Note

I found this note on my desk at school.  It took me a little while to find it because it was all folded up.  My girl is just the sweetest thing.

Wednesday May 18:
Pajama Volleyball

Here is a picture of my girl's volleyball assembly, it also was pajama day.  She was praised for her go getter attitude, and her fun spirit.  Yep...that's my girl.

Thursday May 19:

We made it to the playoffs and had our first game tonight...which we won.  I kept the book, which I am really enjoying.  It was a close game with many errors on both teams part.  We get to go again on Tuesday.

Friday May 20:
An Amazing Sculpture

Today at our school one of our parents brought this sculpture to show us.  He was commissioned to build this cross to be hung at St. Peter's church in New York City and it was made entirely out of steel girders of the fallen World Trade Center.  It was an amazing story and piece of art.  Our students got to write notes and drop them into the cross.  He told us that the shiny-ness was a way to reflect all the faces that look at it and to really show that this tragedy was about all of us.  I was very humbled at that moment.

Saturday May 21:

Bella went to her friend Marcella's house today and she lives on a little lake.  Bella wasn't sure if she would get in or not, but Marcella's mom sent me this picture and told me that she got in.  She said it wasn't as cold as she originally thought.  She is such a brave girl!!

In Summary:  I was shown lots of love this week.  Love that comes from my kids.  Love that comes from good friends.  Love of an instrument that might not be admitted.  Love of playing hard and winning.  And even love from tragedy.  It was a very good week.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I love the sculpture-do you know when it will be in the city?

  2. Looks like an awesome week with so many faces of love coming from so many different places.

  3. wow, that cross....amazing. And how cool to fill it with notes.

    since I live vicariously through all my blogging friends at the baseball/softball fields I am SO excited to say that my niece is coming to a college close to me to may softball!!! I will again be back at the ball park..woo hoo!!!

  4. It does look like a love filled week! That cross is amazing!

    Hugs & love,

  5. Very cool sculpture!
    Overall it looks like you had a very good week, with lots of blessings from friends and family. The best kind of week to have :)
    Hope you have another one this week!

  6. My son's team has made the playoffs too. He has his final game on Wednesday and then next week playoffs begin. I also score keep from time to time so I instantly recognized that book!

    That sculpture is awesome!

  7. love love love the sculpture!!!

  8. What a fun week! That cross is amazing and love that the students werw able to drop notes inside. We start baseball playoffs this week and there are games when I keep the books...I don't mind at all...makes me actually watch the game!!

  9. Your girl really is the sweetest thing. Makes me miss my mom more for some reason. I love that Andrew plays an instrument he supposedly doesn't like so well that know one would know that. Did that sentence make sense?