Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365 Week 18

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It is Week 18 here at the ranch and my week was very nice indeed.

Head on over to Sara's blog and take a peek into all the other 365-ers weeks. Heck just make a plan to join us next week with a photo a day. It is never too late to start.

Here is my week:

Sunday April 24:
We Love Our Easter Bunny

It is Easter Sunday and my 15 year old and 10 year old still LOVE the scavenger hunts for their Easter baskets.  I hide clues around the house and they go off and search.  But what they loved the most this year was the puppy chow I put in their baskets.  Don't worry it isn't ACTUAL puppy chow...just chocolate peanut butter heaven, in my opinion.  We didn't go to church today because we started going to a new church and didn't want to be one of THOSE people who only go to church on Easter Sunday.  It was a truly blessed day.

Monday April 25:
Guess Who's Camera is on the Counter??

Yep...mine.  This is a poster I did for our Middle School elective fair tomorrow.  It has a bunch of celebs and athletes who sang in choir when they were younger.  The kids got a kick out of looking at all the people who sang in choir.  Hopefully, it will make a few of them choose to sing in mine!!  Sorry that the picture is so small I have NO idea how to make these pictures any better off my phone.

Tuesday April 26:
Guess Who Left Her Camera on the Counter AGAIN??

Yep it's me...The Fifth Graders had their Year at a Glance festival today.  They all get assigned booths and present all the things they did in Fifth Grade this year.  Bella was one of three that were in charge of the Global Studies booth.  She dressed up like a tourist...she was, needless to say, a very cute tourist. 

Wednesday April 27:

The Fifth Graders went to Astro Camp today.  They will get back on Friday.  It is Bella's first overnight camp trip away from home.  She had a great time and her BFF Chloe was in her dorm.  I missed her but am so glad her first trip away from home was a success!!

Thursday April 28:

Yep...Another Baseball Game

Actually you are lucky because This was Andrew's fourth game of the week.  He looks like a ball player...don't you think??

Friday April 29:

Bella's Back

We celebrated her successful trip with frozen yogurt at Menchies.  They have these new spoons and Bella is making the face of the little guy on the spoon.  She wanted me to make sure you knew that so you didn't think she was just making a stupid face...

Saturday April 30:  
Birthday Baseball

Another baseball game today.  It was also one of my student's and teammate of Andrew's birthday.  It was a nice but windy day for baseball.  Happy Birthday Alex!!

In Summary:  Lots of baseball this usual.  My girl grew up right before my eyes and we had a good time celebrating God's grace.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. so funny that we both had puppy chow in one of our pictures!!! LOVE the stuff!!!

    no baseball being played here....too much rain!

  2. At least you took photos this week! I didn't do so well.
    Enjoyed your week-in-photos, especially Bella doing the spoon man impersonation :)

  3. looks like a fun week. love the spoon picture

  4. Good for Bella! I remember my first overnight camp experience - I didn't shower for 4 days. I'll bet Bella had a little better hygiene. And yes, Andrew DOES look like a baseball player :)

  5. Here's what's really funny (I just saw Sara's comment above): When I read Sara's post, I was thinking, "WHY is she selling "puppy chow" at her son's school??!!" Good thing I then read YOUR post, because NOW I get it. :) I guess I've never partaken of the "chocolate peanut butter heaven" of which you speak. LOL! Whew! Glad to know Sara wasn't peddling dog food to high school kids. Ha ha!!

    Bella is cute, as always.

  6. Yay Bella!

    You know, you are the second person to talk about making puppy chow this week. I love the stuff but never knew it was called that! Got a good recipe?