Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This blog post is mostly for my family who live far you know it is going to be full of my kids.  Not sure why I needed to put in that disclaimer.  You all might just enjoy them too.

Friday night was one of those nights that happen every once in a while.  Both kids had to be somewhere doing something cool at almost the exact same time.  Bella had her Sixth Grade Cotillion Dance and Andrew was performing at Viewpoint's Coffee House.  He was the bassist in the house band and his band performed an acoustic version of one of the songs they wrote and he played cello and sang a little harmony.  I got to see a bit of his house band performing after I dropped Bella off at her dance, but missed his band's performance. 

Here are some pictures of my beautiful girl.

She even makes me look good.

Andrew really enjoyed his evening.  I really think he loves performing and getting to do it with some of his best friends make it all the more sweet.

The first video is him and the house band.  The house band plays in-between acts.  They got one whole song by themselves towards the end, but I was already gone.

This video is his band performing a song they wrote.  One of my students video taped it for me because I had to leave before he got to perform.  I am so proud of him.  I think the song is amazing.  I'll apologize for the video being flipped because it is something that I would totally do. He does fix it so just give it a minute.

I'll leave you with the other thing we did this weekend...Valentine's Day cookies!!!

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Ooh those cookies look YUM! Love the video - the lead singer reminds me of my brother when he was in the 8th grade - in 1978! I'm impressed with Andrew - and I LOVE the bass. It adds so much to a song, in my opinion.