Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Monday (la laaa la la la)

Monday once again!!

funny how that just keeps happening.

My weekend was great and way too short.

funny how that always seems to be the case.

We had a lot going on this weekend but it wasn't BUSY just full.

Friday night Rich and I went out on a date to eat sushi and sake.  We then went to my school's Coffee House.  Here is a picture of the house band without Andrew...sigh.
We had a really nice time and all the acts were great!!

Saturday Kate sent me this picture of Abby with her My Little Pony Build-a-Bear she bought with a gift card I gave her.  I just realized she has Minnie ears on...not sure why...but then again with Abby that is the usual.  So cute!!

Rich's co-worker got tickets to go see the Pepperdine Waves play basketball.  Their campus is in Malibu pretty much right on the ocean.  Here are some pics from the afternoon.

It was a really good game and we enjoyed ourselves very much.  We then went home and picked Sarah up to go dress shopping for her formal dance in a couple of weeks.  We didn't find anything she liked, but shopping is always fun.

Sunday was the big game.  A couple of things:

  • Renee Flemming, who was one singer I listened to a lot when I was studying opera, was amazing.  Her simple version of the National Anthem (not an easy song to sing) was flawless and simple.  Thank goodness.
  • The game was lame.  Rich watched a good deal of it I came in and out and was blown away with the one sided-ness of the game.  I mean c'mon a safety on the first play.  I do like the Seahawks but kinda wanted a better game.
  • I love Bruno Mars.  Just the Way You Are is one of my favorite songs but it is the way Rich makes me feel so I get a little choked up when I hear it.  awwwww
  • Because I came in and out of the game I didn't see too many of the commercials.  Of the ones I saw I loved the Tim Tebow contract funny.  
  • This picture was on my phone this morning.  The dog on my furniture...BELLA!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the evening was dinner, chores, and I still had to study for the CBEST because I was supposed to take it on Thursday of last week but because of computer issues that site CANCELLED IT.  So I take it on tomorrow.  GEEZ.

I will be channeling my inner Seahawk for that one.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. The game was so depressing! Loved Bruno Mars and the anthem both. Bruno was so entertaining, and looked like he enjoyed himself. Good luck on your test!

  2. That was a busy weekend. That is my favorite song of his too, I was so glad that he sang it! There were a few cute commercials but not that many great ones like most years. Have a wonderful week.