Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Harry the Phoenix

This is a former student of mine, we are going to call him Harry. I met Harry when he was in Fifth Grade and worked with him until his Freshman year was almost over. He was such a brilliant and bright student. He was good at singing, good at violin, and a good actor...heck he was just a talented student. He was one of those students that you were drawn to. Always polite, always said hello, and always ready to learn. He was different than all the other kids and sometimes that can be a not so positive thing...socially, but I always champion those kind of kids. His kind of different was refreshing, and am glad that he had the courage to be different.

Harry's dad was very supportive and just a great guy. Harry's mom was a beautiful woman and her love for Harry and his sister was very evident.

When Harry was in Middle School his mom lost her battle with cancer.

Harry was hit hard.

He had a hard time with it...as any child would.

He left our school his freshman year...I was very sad.

However, he continued to play his violin in the youth orchestra system that my son plays in so when Harry's orchestra and Andrew's orchestra shared a concert I was able to see him, say hello, and catch up.

He is now completing his sophomore year.

This past Sunday at my son's orchestra gala I got a wonderful surprise.

Harry had written a piece of music that the Symphony orchestra, his orchestra, performed. He also got to conduct it...

...it was beautiful.

...it was inspiring.

...my heart, full of pride, burst into a thousand pieces.

Harry after all the sorrow and trouble in his life could have easily just given up, and turned into one of those statistics.

...he didn't.

...he rose from the ashes.

...like a Phoenix.

...way to go Harry...way to go.

More Later
-A Ro


  1. How fulfilling it must be to know that you have had a hand in his development.