Monday, May 4, 2009


I was so looking forward to this weekend. It was a weekend where I didn't have too much going on and I was looking forward to "relaxing". I had my kids this weekend which always makes me happy...even though I sometimes enjoy some time to myself...for the most part my kids are self sufficient and having them around is a joyous thing.

...until they make me late and then I say...take 'um.

Friday was nice. I got to have lunch with GS and then we ordered pizza...had an earthquake...worked on moving files to our new computer...and played a couple rounds of UNO (we have a on going family tournament) Overall a very nice evening, but I need to not eat pizza anymore, it just throws me off. I eat healthy...feel good and then WHAM pizza enters my life and it just throws me for a loop. I understand it and now feel I can deal with it.

Saturday morning was my long run...and this long run was only 4.2 miles but it was kinda hard and good for me. Then baseball and a housewarming party at my department chairs house. that was not really that good for me and again made me feel like crap...Do I see the trend yet??? GEEZ...

Sunday was a, mostly, free day. Started out with a great workout and then cleaned my house, gave the dog a bath, and baked with Bella...and was prank called all evening by a unknown number.

Overall a really really great weekend...

...then Monday hit...

...and it all went downhill...

...I realize this and am working on it.

More Later


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