Sunday, May 24, 2009

Open House

Each year our school has an Open House...which as you moms and dads know (I just made that sound like I have hundreds of readers...ha ha) Open House translates as "my kid is better than your kid and here is her stuff to prove it"...just kidding. It really is a time for the classroom teacher to show off ALL of her wonderful student's work.

OK who am I kidding.

So here are some pics of my kid and her stuff...

She wrote a nice letter about GS entitled "I am Lucky To Know You". He was surprised and happy, it was a very nice and heartfelt letter.

Here is Bella's diorama of a Chinook Village. I am telling you right now you could tell that my daughter did hers all by herself. Some of the others looked like they hired Tim Allen to construct the elaborate totem poles and landscapes.

This is Bella and her favorite Science Room animal...Delilah the bunny.

The third grade classes wrote to Barack Obama and this the letter that "he" wrote back signed by "him" (aka White House Secretary #5). None the less she is very proud of this letter. Maybe we should send him her picture of Dick Cheney from my last post...I am sure that he would love to have that hanging on his wall, especially after the week they have had.

The Third Grade Classes read the book B.F.G. by Roald Dahl and in art class they drew a B.ig F.riendly G.iant. She was happy because she contributed an anklet for his ankle...of course that makes sense, every giant needs an anklet.

It was a nice evening, she was beaming going from classroom to classroom showing off her stuff. I am so proud of my girl, she is a trouper and never gives up and is just such a happy little girl.

...and very silly.

...I wonder who she gets that from.

More Later

-A Ro

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