Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Overcoming fears or stupidity??

So the queen of suspense is back, however my Saturday experience is gonna have to wait.

Because, you see, I have to document my bravery this morning.

So...I am getting tired of running my "longer" distances on the simply doesn't do it for me. I mean it is just plain boring, and spending the better part of an hour watching sweaty old men lift weights, skinny women chit chat while "working out", or watching the TV without sound or sub titles drives me insane...I mean c'mon how frustrating is it to see Paris Hilton on TV and not know what brilliant things are coming out of her mouth...geez...

Anyway I decided that I would run my three miles outside this morning. Now it is pretty dark outside at 4:30 am...

...I know I know what the heck am I doing up at 4:30...and running no is a mystery to me as well...

SOOOO I was a little nervous about running outside in the I don't live in East Los Angeles or anything, but I am a nervous ninny.

But don't worry though I have decided to get some pepper spray, but until then I grabbed my travel size bottle of hairspray 'cause ladies you know how much that hurts when you get that in your eyes.

...It is kinda like keeping a big maglite flashlight beside my bed...not gonna be that effective, but it makes me feel better.

...I just hope that I don't run into someone holding my bottle of Aqua Net...they might think I was crazy...

...although that would be an accurate assessment.

More Later...(maybe a finish to my weekend...but maybe not, quite frankly I am getting bored with it.)

- A Ro

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