Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not Funny

Yesterday was a really bad day...and I am sitting here trying to figure out how to put a funny spin on the days events. Not coming up with too much. Now I am not going to go into most of the details but the events ranged from a not so nice e-mail, to getting a call from your child's teacher...but the day concluded with having to work at my son's little league's snack bar.

Now my first jobs in life were babysitting and teaching piano to little ones...I never worked fast food or waited tables... I know why.

I can't stand it...but I am getting ahead of myself.

When one registers their son for little league, at this particular little league, one has to pay a snack bar deposit of $40. Then when one works their snack bar shift of about 4 hours they get their $40 back...sounds good...who couldn't use $40 bucks in their pocket, and I mean how hard can it be, I've done it before and no sweat.

...well there was plenty of sweat last night.

First of all we are in this tiny shack and it was in the ninety's and it was horribly windy. So I was kinda dreading it considering the day I was having, but I thought well...there are three possible jobs I could have, two people work the windows and take the orders, and one person does the grilling, the frier, and nachos. I was early enough that the first person there usually gets to choose which position they want...and today that was a no brainer for me...window girl. But NOOOO.

The coordinator must have been in cahoots with the rest of my day because she took one look at me and said "you will work the grill" and it came out very slow motion and with a devil tone...

...ok maybe that was just my imagination but those words hit me hard.

Working the grill sucked...there was real life flame coming from those burgers and I swear I am lucky to still have my eyebrows and, quite frankly, my fingers too...especially when the coordinator looked at me and said "you should really put the cheese on the burgers when the flame is surrounding helps the cheese melt faster"...

...and my face...thank you very much

and the frier all that it was SOOOO busy throwing meat on the grill and having to keep track of who needed what...and then I uttered words that no master degree holding diva should ever utter "I can't keep track of all the meat" what the hell...???

There are just some things that my lack of fast food experience hinder me from doing...

How do you know when the hamburger is done???

How do you know how brown the fries should get???

What the hell does "you should drop some more fries" mean anyway???

How do you know if the cheese or chili goes on first on an order of chili cheese fries???

Wouldn't you push the red button to start the cheese and then push it again to stop the cheese??? How was I supposed to know that each push of the red button meant a serving of cheese was coming out?

Then there was the clean up...OMG...

Afterwards the coordinator said to me...if you want to earn some extra money we can always use subs for the 4 hour shifts...that pays $25 a shift.

...she is just lucky that the words swimming in my head did not come out of my mouth...

I'll stick to herding middle schoolers...

and next year... can keep your $40 bucks...instead I'll go sell some plasma

...or a kidney

...thank you very much...

More Later

-A Ro

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