Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cursed Horn Honkers

I am not so naive to think that all of the people I love and care for feel the same way as I do on this subject. In other words I know that many of the people I love and care for are in fact horn honkers. This post is not meant to sway them from being horn honkers, but to vent some of my frustration with horn honkers and drivers in general. I am also fully able to admit my hypocrisy on the subject of road rage.

I know that there are many, many stupid drivers, and not so nice drivers on the road, and I am just as impatient with those kind of drivers as the next guy. However, I prefer to yell and scream and call them names in the comfort of my own vehicle as opposed to laying on the horn. It is my passive aggressive form of road rage. It really does makes me feel better without really making the other person upset...I'm telling win.

I do live in Southern California...I do my share of driving on very crowded roads. I also have a 30 minute commute each way, so I am on the road a lot. But I just cannot bring myself to honk. My son tells me all the time that cars come with horns for a reason, and I tell him, they are for emergency uses only. They are not the audio equivalent of the middle finger.

Last night was the night of my Middle School holiday program, and I had a very stressful afternoon of rehearsals with a lot of middle schoolers who are just days away from winter break. Needless to say my cat herding skills were being tested, as was my patience. That being said, I went to dinner with GS, my kids, and some of my colleagues. We had a nice relaxing dinner. As I got to my car to go back to school I noticed that a car was parked directly behind me making it difficult for me to get out. I was very carefully backing out when a car came around the corner and proceeded to honk at me. Now mind you I wasn't sitting there having my nails done, I was trying to get my car out of an OBVIOUSLY precarious spot. So I looked at GS and (channeling Tyler Perry's Madea)...snapped my fingers and said "Oh, no he deh'ent"

I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to jump out of my car and walk over to this guy and ask him what his problem was with my fist. His honking at me just unnerved me and to say that I wanted to go postal on him would have been an understatement. My only fear was that since we were near my school one of my students would be passing by saying "Hey...isn't that Mrs. Roscigno dragging that man out of his truck by his ear???"

It would make people question my ability to deal with 45 Sixth Graders in one room...

Not good for my job security.

So I did what I usually do...I yelled and screamed at him from the comfort of my own car...'s the way I roll...sistah.

More Later

-A Ro


  1. I roll the same way sista. My dear wife however is a honker and trying to get me killed. She likes to honk at big biker types with lots of inks that say things like "I kill honkers" etc. I think dragging someone by the ear would be acceptable. We have our middle school program tonight. Want to bet she honks at someone for taking too long to park?

  2. Perhaps it is a Socal thing? I live in Colorado, and truly, I don't remember the last time I heard a car least when it wasn't fully warranted.

    Fear not, you were exasperated by something that is fully understandable. It's a thing peculiar to parking lots that everyone seems to immediately forget what it is like to drive a car the second they enter them.

  3. I yell in my car too - and give pointed stares, which my husband swears will get us killed one of these days :)

    By the way, I keep reading the title of this post as "Cursed Corn Huskers" LOL - I was wondering what you had against Nebraska!