Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Happy Place

I always believed in the saying "Home is where your Mom is".  My Moms house was always my happy place.  I loved being there and being with my family (my brothers, nieces, and nephews all live withing 25 minutes)  When I first moved to California going there twice a year helped me survive.  California has sorta grown on me now and now that I have Rich, my Moms has turned into ONE of my happy places. So being there last week was so nice.

So I thought I would give you some reasons why my Moms is one of my happy places.

1.  The Indianola balloon festival happens around the time that we are home in August.

This is all from my Mom's front yard.

2. All the wide open spaces.
I love all the wide open spaces.  It is really nice to look out and just see green.

3.  Zona
This is our dog Zona.  She is about 13 years old and is the sweetest dog in the whole world.  She was my Dad's dog and was with him on the night he died.  When my brother found my Dad she was laying right beside him.  My Mom and Step Dad took her in and she has lived here ever sense.  She is a very special dog.

4. Lady

This is Lady, Andrew's dog.  She is one sweet dog, but will fight to the death to save the other dogs from varmits who like to cause trouble. 

5.  Vegas
This is our only indoor dog Vegas.  He is a Jack Russell Terrier and has such an...interesting personality.  He will hop up on your lap and let you pet him and then all of the sudden turn on you and start growling.  He is fine with the other dogs and runs with them as long as they are outside, but as soon as the wander inside he goes nuts.  If he is in a bad mood he will come into the room and lay on his bed facing the wall with his back to everyone in the room.  He is a little...CRAZY!! and oh so much fun.  We love Vegas.

6.  Wallpaper pictures.
My brothers and sister have taken a picture like this every Christmas since I can remember.  We call it the "Wallpaper picture"  My Mom gets teased for having this wallpaper in her dining room, but I think it fits her home perfectly.  I hate these pictures because no matter where I stand I always look dwarfed by my sibs.  Oldest + Shortest = Not fair.

7.  Things remain the same.

My Mom has had this hanging in her shower since my kids were little.  I am pretty sure no one uses it any more, and who can blame them since it is pretty old.  But the fact that it is there every time I shower there it hangs to remind me of times gone by.
8.  Constant reminders of how much she loves her kids and grandkids.

Andrew made this for her a very long time ago, but yet it sits on her shelf in the den.  Her house is full of pictures of all of us in various points in our lives.  It reminds us whenever we go there how much she loves all of us.

9.  The Cows.
Mom's house is right next to a farm that has cows.  When it gets cold or when it is about to storm they all come over to our side for shelter.  I just love watching them and watching Vegas bark at them.

10.  Home
Most of all it is a place where our kids will grow up loving to go to, just to be with family.  No matter where we all live "Home is where your Mom is"

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I feel this way about my mom's house too...and I love the balloon pics! We had a balloon event not far from here in July that we were going to go see but it poured rain so we had a change of heart.

  2. that last pic is SOOOOO adorable...
    fun place, for sure

  3. Awwww... Love this list. Your mom's place 'does' sound very inviting. The balloon pix are great!

  4. I can feel my stress melt away as I pull into my mom's hometown. I LOVE going home.