Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesday

Yes folks it is time again for Tell Me Why Tuesday, that blog post that lets you take a peek into all that confuses me.  Well, not all that confuses me, that might take a couple of posts, but here is a few items.  Enjoy it like you enjoy watching

1.  Why did that soccer gene skip me, I mean all of my siblings and now my daughter are soccer pros? #doodlejumpsoccerisaboutallicanhandle

2.  Why do I prepare and prepare and prepare for the first day of school, but still feel unprepared? #didyouknowmymiddlenameisneurotic

3.  Why does it take boys longer to get ready the older they get? #beingachickmagnetisn'teasy

4.  Why does a half hour in the social security office seem like an eternity? #sittinginplasticchairswaytoonearotherpeopleslowstimegreatly

5.  Why does watching Phineas and Ferb totally make my day? #perrythesemiaquaticegglayingmammalofaction

6.  Why does dinner taste so much better if you don't have to cook it? #richgothomebeforemeacademyofcuisinearts

7.  Why do people not obey the crosswalk feature of our street? #agameoffroggeranyone?

8.  Why does this list only consist of eight items? #didimentionschoolstartstomorrow

Wish me luck!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Why does blogger sometimes throw me under the bus? #incompletesentencesfornoreason

  2. Good luck! It still amazes me that a lot of the country starts school at a normal time of year...not the middle of summer!

  3. Good luck! I totally agree about food tasting better when you don't cook it yourself. But for me that's because I don't really cook all that well :)