Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Feel Good Hodgepodge

It is time for a joyous hodgepodge from Joyce.  Just click on her button and head over to her blog.  Answer the questions and link up.  It is tons of fun...and an easy, she does all the work.  Think of her as a bloggers personal elf.  Except she isn't short, and doesn't have pointy ears...oh you know what I mean.

Have fun!!

1. Have you ever been on a real sleigh ride? How about the warm weather version - a carriage ride?
When I was in high school we took a choir trip to New York and a few of us took a carriage ride.  It was a lot of fun.  I also did all the hay rides during October when I lived in Iowa.  Those are always fun.  Truth be told I'd rather be riding an actual horse than sitting in the carriage.

2. What's your policy on 'chain mail'...you know, the emails you receive that are often some sort of poem/blessing/good wish that ask you to send it on to 10 or 12 friends? Do you delete without opening, read and trash, read and trash and then worry you won't be blessed/lucky/protected? Do you delete the sender from your contacts or just go ahead and send the love onward?
Well since I haven't received my check from Microsoft yet that was promised a few weeks ago, I'll be giving them up.

just kidding.

I hardly ever read them, I never forward them, but also don't hold it against anyone who does.  If it makes someone happy to put it in my inbox then I am more than happy to have it.
3. Who is your favorite character in any of the Christmas movies and why?
Well Clark Griswold makes me laugh the most, but I really LOVE Buddy the Elf.

4. Share a favorite quote.
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loudly for all to hear.

yep...I'm a singer...I practice that daily.

5. What's your favorite holiday scent?
hmmmm...not sure about this one.  Here is the deal.  I love to bake at the holidays but I don't bake anything really all that "holiday-ish"  Just the usual cake pops, and sugar cookies.  I love candles but don't buy them for myself so the ones I have aren't my favorite smells.

OK long story short...probably my mom's apple cider...Oh yeah Michelle and Stacia...its coming.

6. Does the Christmas season stress you out? In what way?
It really should.  I have a big family to buy for, numerous job related holiday activities (concerts, assemblies), teacher gifts to make but I LOVE this time of the year so no stress in anyway!!  I won't allow it.
7. What's the best thing about your life right now?
What's not good about my life right now.  I mean really.  I have an amazing husband, wonderful kids and step kids, an extended family of nieces, nephews, sister, sisters in laws, brothers, brother in law, mom, step dad....all who love me very much.  I have an amazing job and get to do what I love.  Not to mention all my students.  My life is amazing, and I couldn't ask for more.

8. In Summary:  Bring on the holidays I'm ready...but not too fast I want to enjoy EVERY minute.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Buddy the Elf is also a favorite of mine...and I love warm apple cider too. I love all the smells of Christmas.

  2. I still haven't seen Elf. Though, now after all these blogs referring to it, I feel like I should!

  3. Loved reading this. Good for you for not stressing!

  4. Great answers, especially #6-8! Wonderful attitude and wonderful Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas!

  5. Love #4. The world would be a better place if everyone sang more!

  6. Watched Elf for the first time last year, loved it.

  7. Clark and Buddy are excellent choices. There was a candle from Hallmark several years ago which was a bakery sent and it was perfect. Of course that doesn't help you in anyway! Thank you for stopping over today. Very nice to meet you.

  8. Loved your answers. I wish I could take your motto and not be stressed over the holidays! Hee.O Holy Night is one of my favorite songs and Celtic Women are one of my favorite groups!

  9. LOVE Buddy the Elf! Apple Cider mmmm!

  10. Oh yes hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Yep sounds like a winner to me. Enjoyed your answers and happy for you that your life is at a good place! Sometimes mixed families can be hard. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    until next time... nel

  11. Love your answers and Buddy the Elf!