Thursday, December 9, 2010

There is a Story in There Somewhere...I Promise.

Here is the deal.  For those of you that don't know me I teach at the same school both of my kids go to.  It is very nice thing.  We all get in the car in the morning and drive our 25 minutes and then get in the car after school to go back home.  Very nice, one trip, one stop. 

Why am I telling you this?  I'm getting to something, I promise.

Our school's sports seasons are divided into three tri-mesters.  All of the practices are after school.  You can do regular P.E. during the day, but if you choose to participate in an after school sport you then get a free period during the school day.  I'm telling you...the high school students love those free periods.  Anyway you, as a student, need to participate in two of the three trimesters.  My son Andrew takes the first season off, does winter baseball conditioning for the second and plays baseball for the third.

Why am I telling you this?  I'm getting to something, I promise.

During the third tri-mester Andrew does baseball after school and I have the high school musical rehearsals. 

Note:  Thank goodness, it is not THEE High School Musical rehearsals because. seriously, besides pre frontal lobe 10 year olds, who could put up with that for an entire tri-mester???

So it is VERY convienient as we both get done about the same time.  However, the first two tri-mesters aren't so great.  The first one I have rehearsals and Andrew sits around and the second one Andrew has practice so Bella and I sit around.

Why am I telling you this?  I'm getting to something, I promise.  Although as I keep writing I am fearing that when I get to the actual story it will be one of those You-Had-To-Be-There stories and you won't find it nearly as amusing as I did. 

Well don't say I didn't warn you.

So the past couple of weeks (as we are in the second tri-mester) Bella and I have been trying to find stuff to do while we wait for Andrew.  It is usually only about an hour and a half wait, but that is a long time when you are just sitting around - Bella.  And not enough time when you are trying to get and errand done - Me.

Yesterday we decided to try to squeeze in an errand.  Bella is performing with her Dad's orchestra this Sunday for their holiday Christmas concert so we needed to get an outfit for her to wear.  Now I know that I am ususally on top this kind of thing planning and scheduling just the right day to go shopping for this outfit that I knew she needed weeks ago.  Uh...yeah...right, which is why I chose the hour and a half I had yesterday as opposed to the endless hours weekends ago. 

I could go into why those endless hours didn't include shopping for a holiday outfit, but then you'd really be lost when I actually got to my now not so funny story that I originally wanted to tell you, which by now I am fairly certain you are wishing you could have the last few minutes of your life back...sorry.

So off we rush to Kohls to find that perfect holiday outfit in under 90 minutes which has to include the drive there and back.

This what we found at Kohls: (and I am being very serious)
This one we found in Bella's size.  Please tell me that there are no longer 10 year olds that still want to dress their dolly in the same outfit as they are dressed in.

We also found this one in her size too. 

Seriously Kohls.  You are now dead to me.

So luckily there was a Target just around the corner in the same shopping complex, but now we were working on about 45 minutes.

OK, people, THE story is just about to emerge.

We were driving down a little street-ish thing between two stores to cut to the back side of the shopping center.  This little street-ish thing is a lined road that two cars can fit on easily, one going each way.  There is a four way stop at the end because, due to the tall buildings surrounding this street-ish thing, your view of the parking lots on either end is blocked.  So they want all cars to actually stop before entering the parking lots.  So Bella and I still laughing at our recent Kohls trip, pull up the the four way stop when all of the sudden a biker, who didn't stop at his stop sign, turns down our side of the street-ish thing.  He clearly wanted to go down the street-ish thing but was absolutely flying and took his left hand turn a lot little wide and ended up in front of me.  He quickly realized that he was going to run square into the front of my car thus ending up flying over my car via my windshield a la action hero albeit teenager-dressed-in-target-red-and-tan-with-only-his-name-tag-as-a-shield action hero, so he quickly averts left and hits the curb so hard that he (pardon my lanugage, but my one of my father's favorite phrases is the only thing that works here) goes ass over appetite and does some sort of triple lutz spin move that he doesn't quite land.  I am thinking he is dead.  Bella is sitting in shock and the other four cars at the four way stop are motionless.  I throw my car into park (as I was already stopped) and am ready to dash out with all of my extensive first aid training ready (this includes a prayer that I won't have to remember how to do a tournaquet or any sort of CPR) when he suddenly jumps up in front of my right bumper yelling "I'M OK, PEOPLE, I'M OK" gets back on his bike and continues down the street-ish thing.

Everyone at the stop sign just sits for what feels like a couple of minutes.  I am SURE this young man is certainly NOT ok, but he is long gone. 

I know it is totally NOT funny, but when I think back on it I can't help but laugh out loud.

I admittedly am the girl that laughs until she snorts at the American Funniest Home Video of the people falling.  They seriously

So I thought I'd leave you with a Christmas themed people falling video, sorry the video seems to be cut off on one side.  If I was a real blogger I'd know how to fix that...sigh.

Nothing says Happy Holidays like people falling into a Christmas tree. 

Maybe the long read was worth it after all...or maybe not.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. oh, that was hard to watch : )

    When you hit embed on youtube look below the code and there will be a row of colored boxes. Under those will be another row of boxes with sizes below them. You can pick a smaller format to load.

    I had this problem for ages and someone finally told me that. Once you know its there you will wonder why you didn't see it before. Or maybe that's just me?

  2. Um, let's say no to the Christmas Elf dress,'kay?


  3. That is a very funny story. I love the "I'm ok!" And I'm glad that he WAS ok enough to head off.