Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Need a Vacation From My Vacation

Not too sure how it was decided that coming back from our trip to Iowa last weekend on a flight that got into LAX at midnight when both of us had to work the next day (that day) was a good idea.  I am hoping that when the tickets were purchased we really didn't have a choice to come back at that time.  I hope it wasn't that we thought that we were young and hip enough to not need a full 7 hours of sleep before going to work and that taking a almost red-eye would be fun.

yeah...not fun.

It is now Wednesday morning and I am still trying to get my body to function.  It might also have something to do with the fact that I stayed at my Mom's who is a VERY good cook and baker, didn't get up to run once, and drank two beers while I was  home. 

I know...wild and crazy.  My body clearly isn't used to all the chaos.

It is really hard to take a vacation these days.  We have so much "routine" to try to deal with when one wants to escape for a few days.  There is the dog, the mail, the laundry, and not to mention getting people to help you out at work.  I thrive on guilt so I was especially worried that not matter how much I prepare for my being away from school for - two whole days - that someone might need something and I won't be able to help them.

Now add on to that the fact that my kidlets didn't come and stayed with their Dad for five days, two of them being school days. This means that I had to TRY to think of everything they might need between now and then.  School uniforms, baseball gear, lunch money or tickets, assembly dress, not to mention that Bella was under the weather when I left.

ahhh...the guilt.

Now mind you they did just fine, I took Bella to the doctor the day before I left and it was just a virus, however, the pink eye came when I was away.  Thankfully their Dad figured it out and took her to urgent care and the drops were administered soon enough so that no more school was missed.  Phew.

The trip to Iowa was such a great time.  Rich spent a lot of time with his kids, I got to kiss on my neice and nephews, and spend some time with my Mom, and of course my brothers and their wives...we just had a great time. 

Rich's son graduated from the high school Rich and I graduated from so it was really nice to go to that graduation and hear the choir I sang in sing the same song we sang at graduation.  Some traditions are really cool.

I will have some pictures to follow, but now I need to figure out how to lift the bags under my eyes and try to function.

It isn't pretty.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Glad you got away! Hope you're all caught up soon...travelling is exhausing!

  2. What a load off of your mind to know your kids' dad was able to take care of them! Glad you had a good time!