Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Like to Go Bowling With My Friend Bert

So I really loved the movie Grease and of course the Broadway musical.  In fact we are doing Grease this spring as our high school musical and I am very excited about it.  I, however, also really enjoyed the movie Grease 2.  Now I know that it can be a lot corny and cheesy but it is the kind of movie that is craptastic.  Craptastic is a word that was coined by my student Zach and it is used to describe something that is so crappy that it is fantastic.  Now before you go and judge me for my lack of taste you will have to admit that some of the songs from Grease 2 are very catchy and I can sing a number of them right now and I haven't seen the movie in over a decade.  Plus the British guy (Sandy's cousin) was very hunky to me as a 13 year old in that he-has-a-cool-accent-and-is-a-really-nice-guy sort of way.

I realize that was a very long set up for the fact that the Bowling Song from Grease 2 was stuck in my head all day to day because today at camp we went BOWLING!!

Now if you took the time to watch that 3 minute video you would HAVE to agree with me that it is a craptastic song.  Other craptastic songs from Grease 2 that you might want to go have a peek at are Cool Rider, Reproduction, and Back to School.  Classics.

Now let me tell you bowling was the perfect way to spend a 98 degree day.  I sat indoors with my Diet Coke ALL ding dong day.  Perfect.

My C.I.T.'s (Counselors In Training) got to go to the bowling alley first so they could bowl and eat lunch as a group.  Now when I say MY C.I.T.'s that means that I am in charge of that group of about thirty one 11-15 year olds.  I love this age group and I have a lot of fun with them.  It is really a great way to spend the summer.  Sarah and Andrew are C.I.T.'s and next year my Bella will be able to be one of them too.

So after we bowled we set up all the lanes and got all the shoes so the rest of the camp didn't have to mess with all that stuff when they got there.  They also formed a tunnel for the rest of the camp to enter the bowling alley from the busses. 

I got to snap a pic of my Bella and her BFF Hannah.

I have to admit that bowling at camp also reminds me of another song very near and dear to my music teacher heart.

It really brings me back.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. A Ro,

    Just saw your site listed on Joyce's blogroll (From this side of the pond) and came over to do some catching up. I realized I missed your wedding post last August so I went back and took a peek. You were a beautiful bride! Congratulations! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day! Even though I'm nearly a year late in saying it, I still wanted to say Congrats!

  2. I THOUGHT THE BOWLING SONG WAS RAFFI. raffi is the best.