Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project 365 Week 24

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Well our summer is officially here. Last week was our last week of school. I have a couple of meetings on Monday but only a half day!!

Here is a peek at my week. Head on over to Sara's blog and check out all the other participants weeks. Go will be fun!

Sunday June 5:
 Bella's Beads

Bella went to a beading birthday party today.  She made a baseball necklace.  She is so lucky to have such good friends who have such cool birthday parties.

Monday June 6:
Sandy the Squirrel

This morning I heard a commotion outside on my balcony.  I see this french roll fall from the sky and land on my balcony.  Suddenly a squirrel jumps on top of it and carries it into my planter and starts to eat it.  This picture is taken through my window so it is a little cloudy, but that squirrel is lovin' that loaf.

Tuesday June 7:
Last Day of School

It is my "little" girl's last day of Elementary School.  She will be a big Sixth Grader.  Yikes.  It seems like only yesterday...yeah you guys know the drill.

Wednesday June 8:
Baseball Banquet

Sorry it is so small...I left my camera at home and had to snap this with my phone.  Andrew's coach said a lot of nice things about him and it was a very nice party.

Thursday June 9:
Talent Abounds

Today was our High School talent show and, WOW, was it good.  Here are two of my seniors Thomas and Isabel singing together.  It was such a touching moment.  I love these guys.

Friday June 10:
Middle School Shoes?

Here are one of the many crazy high heeled shoes at this year's Middle School graduation.  She didn't fall, thank goodness.  It was a nice ceremony and my kids performed so great.  I was very proud.

Saturday June 11:
S'mores with Nana

My mom came to visit on Wednesday and we are having such a great time. After a busy morning with High School graduation we came home and had a great relaxing time by the fire. And yes she knows that her granddaughter is a little kooky, and loves her for it.  

In Summary:  This week was kind of busy, but it was the good kind of busy.  Showing off talented kids and starting new beginnings.  And I apologize that my only picture of Andrew is one that you need a magnifying glass, but I am fearing that might be all I get for awhile.  Bring on summer!!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. so glad you are finally at summer!!!

    seriously, that is a middle schooler wearing those shoes?!!!! what are parents thinking these days?

    No more elementary kids for you...sigh.

  2. welcome to middle school...hope you have a great summer

  3. Man those are some SCARY shoes! I would totally break my neck in them... Congrats on surviving another year of school.

  4. love the bead party idea. stealing it from Bella's friend!