Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Highlight Reel

So Monday is here and it is the last week of school!!! Even though I absolutely LOVE my job I am so stick-a-fork-in-me done that I can hardly take it.  This week consists of proctoring finals, graduation rehearsals, and graduations.  I haven't had any rehearsals since last week and I really have a hard time coming to work knowing that I am not going to get any student time, only housekeeping work.

This weekend was really great.  Nothing too special but nice and relaxing especially after last weekend when we were travelling up until the point I had to get up for work.  Yeah...I needed this weekend.

Friday we hung out at home, and I made a grocery list that I actually took to the store on Saturday.  I checked things off as I bought them and only forgot a couple of things, frozen yogurt for a promised strawberry pineapple smoothie, and doggie treats.  This meant another trip to the market.  During the first trip to Trader Joe's they were sampling this Lentil Salad that Bella tried, yes I know my 10 year old has no food fear whatsoever.  She loved it and begged me to get it and make it at home.  So I did and it was quite tasty.

The recipe is:

1 bag Trader Joe's steamed lentils
1 bag Trader Joe's chopped onions
1/2 bottle Trader Joe's Italian Vinaigrette
1 chopped tomato (we hate tomatoes so I used 1 red pepper)
1 block Trader Joe's smoked mozzarella chopped up

Combine and let sit in refrigerator.

Super easy if you have a Trader Joe's in your neck of the woods...if you don't, well I feel sorry for you.  No, I really do.  I love Trader Joe's.

So the second time we went to Trader Joe's (dog treats and frozen yogurt) they were sampling Trader Joe's mushroom ravioli in a truffle sauce and again Bella (the fearless food kid of mine) sampled it and LOVED it so we bought a bag for her to have for lunch.  It is so nice to have a girl that really eats anything, and she loves things that are good for her.  Wow, now Andrew on the other hand...mac and cheese bites and beef-a-roni are his favorite meals.  Yikes.

We also found out that the little coffee shop next to Trader Joe's is no longer.  I am very sad.  I had made a pact to try to frequent that coffee shop because a) their coffee is really good and b) they are a small business and need support.  I really did try to give up Starbucks but to no avail.  I mean c'mon how can you expect me to give up overpriced, mega corporate, bad coffee...I am not a saint mind you. 

Saturday also included a trip to Target.  We needed to buy a birthday gift, dog toe nail clippers (because I think when I can safely paint Maggie's nails without too much mess it is time to trim them), a sun tea jar, and a replacement 4 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup because I smashed my original one into a bajillion pieces when it fell out of the cupboard while trying to get out my mixer...sigh.  We left with a sun tea jar and birthday gift and forgot all about the dog toe nail clippers (and they didn't have my measuring cup), this is where, again, a list might be handy. 

I think I was distracted by the Starbucks in the Target even though I have sworn off in store Starbucks because usually their drinks are really bad, I mean more really bad than the regular Starbucks.  This one didn't disappoint.  My drink was bitter and the milk tasted sour...gotta love consistency.

We also stopped by an ATM to deposit some checks which turned into an hour long phone call with Bank of America because the ATM decided to take my checks and shut down shortly after.  Thankfully it returned my card, but didn't register the deposit.  This was only after a 2 hour long phone conversation with Bank of America AND Discover Card on Friday because...well I accidentally paid Discover Card twice.

That is a bigger problem in that I pay that balance off each month, and we try to make all our purchases with our Discover card because we get good cash it was a pretty large amount of snafu.  You see in anticipation of our trip last week I set up an auto bill pay with my bank and then Monday evening paid it on line from my phone sitting at the airport because I panicked that it was you see me being smarter than I remember actually got me into trouble.  So the internet payment was "processing" which means it is in limbo essentially Discover card couldn't stop it and the Bank couldn't stop it because neither entity had my actual money, which isn't actual money anyway if you think about it.   Yeah...still fighting that one.  Hopefully it will all be resolved today or I'm going to "process" some guy in India (na).  Guess which customer service rep was the most helpful: the one in "Atlanta"? the one was in "New Jersey"? or the one who was in "Utah"?   Yep the nice guy from Utah was the nicest and most helpful.  I am not going there, but he was.

On Sunday Rich and I witnessed a melt down by a three year old because his Mom took him out of his stroller.  I remember my kids turning into a super strength stiff boards when trying to get them INTO the stroller.  How I wish now I could be pushed around all day long...I also can't believe I ever fought my parents when it was time to go to bed.

silly silly silly me.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. I couldn't get past, "We hate tomatoes"...really???? The lentils look Trader Joes here but I'll find something similar. Or get them at my moms. I love lentils. And tomatoes : )