Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lets Back Up a Bit

If chorus kids are anything, they are social.  Sometimes that drives me bonkers, but I know the type...I am one.  So this year they decided that they wanted to have a choir banquet to celebrate the end of the year.  So the evening before I left on a 6:00 am flight to Iowa we had our banquet...great planning huh? 

Bella and I decorated the tables on our stage, and the food was BBQ and yummy deserts and Dina-Mac!!  Kaley and Allie brought 5 pounds of macaroni and cheese and no one left hungry.
I love these guys...
...and these guys...
...and these guys...
...and these guys.
We did paper plate awards, where the kids give out silly awards to each other.  Emceed by Allie and Nicole two seniors who just crack me up.
I gave out The Piggies which included Chorus MVP, The chorus unsung hero, and The chorus teacher pet, among others.  I also gave out my best attendance award (which was written on the cover of my actual attendance book), the honorary choir member award, and the longevity award.  Each choir member got their yearly choir pin and I had a few teary notes for my 15 seniors.

Then we sang. 

Karaoke style. 
There was a line.

If chorus kids are anything, they are divas.

Even the shy ones.

My favorite kind of kids.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. "Music kids" are just the best! I love the idea of having the kids come up with awards!

  2. Looks like a great time. LOVE the pigs :)